Weekend Recap: Fall Is Here

Happy Monday friends.  Fall is finally here.  We had perfect temperatures all weekend.  We had our windows and screen door open and it was perfection.

We started our weekend with some pumpkins and mums.

We opted for breakfast for dinner on Friday and then we made cookies.

We turned it into a movie night.  Carson watched the Mickey Halloween episode and we watched Solo after he went to bed.

I took Carson to swim class on Saturday morning while Greg mowed.  We had to make a Starbucks stop after before going to Walmart to wait for our grocery pickup.
We then picked up Dad for lunch and a trip to Home Depot.
We spent the rest of our day relaxing and enjoying the weather.  

Sunday we went to church for Biker Sunday but not before spending our morning playing and looking like we were lost in the 90s.

 After church we celebrated Olivia turning 3.

We came home and worked on some of our Doodletown drawings that Andrea has on her blog and then Carson wanted to mop to end the weekend.

What a fun weekend with my boys.  

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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  I'm loving this chilly October morning.  We had a great weekend.  

We started our weekend at home with stir fry and a night of playing.

Saturday morning I had a biscuit helper.

After breakfast it was time for swim lessons and a busy morning.

We went to Home Depot, got a haircut, had lunch at Chick-fil-A, enjoyed National Coffee Day and went to Trader Joes.

We were all wore out when we got home.  Greg headed off to church, I watched football and the buddy passed out.
We rested for the rest of the day so we would be ready for Sunday.

Someone wanted pancakes before church.  Deal!

After church we went to watch football with some friends and Carson put on a show.

What a great weekend!  Now it is time to enjoy October!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I hope you all have had a great week.  

My favorites are short this week but we have had a great week.  

Tuesday night we had a note in Carson's cubbie that he has been napping without a diaper.  Hooray!  That means we are almost fully potty trained.  He can't make it all night but he is doing awesome during the day.
We took him out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate.  We are so proud of our buddy.  He is our favorite and having to buy less diapers is a favorite for my budget.  
On the way to dinner, we were listening to Carson's favorite.  He decided to sing along.  Who am I kidding?  Phil Wickham is a favorite for all of us.

Puggles is becoming a new favorite for Carson too.  Church, check.  Friends, check.  Playing outside, check.  That is how you get a happy Carson.  I'm sure the goldfish didn't hurt.

My favorite part of each day is my time with the buddy each morning.  Greg leaves early and most mornings I get to have fun chats with this cutie.  

My final favorite for the week is the return of This Is Us!  The season premier was not at all what I expected and I've been spending my whole week trying to figure it out.  

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We switched our swim class time for tomorrow and then someone is getting a haircut.  I think it is time for a Trader Joe's trip too.  

See you all on Monday.

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What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday friends!  I hope your first fall Wednesday is off to a great start.  I'm so happy that fall is here.  I'm ready to share my What's Up Wednesday post for September with you all too!

What We're Eating This Week...
Monday: Meatballs
Tuesday: Stir Fry
Wednesday: Out Before Church
Thursday: Grilled Chicken
Friday: Pizza

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I've started my Christmas shopping and I'm almost done with Carson.  I keep thinking about his sweet little face on Christmas morning.  Love this kid.

What I'm Loving...
Fall temperatures are making their way here.  We have been in the 70s and low 80s.  It is so close.  I can't wait for the 50s and 60s. 

What We've Been Up To...
We have been enjoying swim lessons, birthday parties, going to church and playing outside.  

What I'm Dreading...
Nothing at the moment.

What I'm Working On...
I signed up to be a vendor again at the Craft & Bake Sale, so it is time to get to work.  I think I'm going to do some similar things to the past two years.  I know I will make a lot of cinnamon rolls.

What I'm Excited About...
The Braves are in the playoffs and I can't wait!  Greg's Yankees are in too.  We will see how this goes.

What I'm Watching/Reading...
This Is Us is back.  Need I say more? 

I have just recently started reading through The Chronicles of Narnia again.  I love them so much.

What I'm Listening To...
Film Scores on Pandora.  I love it.  It is the best thing to listen to while at work. 

What I'm Wearing...
Jeans, cardigans and all things fall. 
I love this shirt that I got at Walmart.  It is less than $10 too.  I bought a few fun t-shirts from Jane that have fun fall sayings on them. 

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Carson has swim lessons and we are going to a friends house to watch football on Sunday.  Other than that, it is just a quiet weekend at home. 

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...
We have our family pictures in October and Greg's birthday!  Two of my favorite things each fall.

I loved our pictures from last year!

What Else Is New...
Not much. 

Bonus: Favorite Way to Eat Pumpkin
I love to make 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins.  Cake mix, can of pumpkin and chocolate chips.  We also love to make pumpkin bars.

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