Girl Chat: Favorite Hair Products

Hello Thursday!  I'm glad you are here.  I'm ready for Friday and to me Thursday is the worst day of the week.  By Thursday I am so tired from the week and it is still not the weekend yet.  Come on weekend.  

Today I am linking up for Girl Chat and today is all about our favorite hair products.  

 Here we go...

This is my very favorite shampoo.  I love it.  I normally get it at Ulta when it is on sale and stock up.  It makes my hair feel so soft and I love how it smells.  

This is hands down my favorite dry shampoo.  However, it costs more than I want to spend most of the time. 

I recently started using the Dove kind and I like it a lot and it is more reasonable.  I also like their hairspray.

My hair is naturally wavy and this is my favorite thing hands down to use on the days I want the wavy hair.  

I also love to use Moroccanoil in my hair.  

I'm excited to see what everyone else uses.

I'm linking up with Emily and Lindsay.

Time for All of the Summer Check Ups

Happy Wednesday friends!  It is so hot outside and oh so humid.  

I'm thinking it may be time for a haircut and some thinning of my hair just so I have a chance of my hair staying down and fixed past noon.  We will see.  

Monday morning we woke up to a sick little buddy.  Our Monday looked a lot like this.

Watching a lot of movies in the recliner with our blankets.  I love his smile even when he feels bad.  

I spent a lot of my Monday doing some deep cleaning and working on my list of doctors to call for some checkups.  I went to the eye doctor over the weekend and I need to call to schedule my yearly skin check.  If you don't have your skin checked each year, do it now.  I also scheduled my dentist appointment.  Oh yay. Bring on all of the summer check ups.  

I'm linking up with Lindsay for Welcome Wednesday.  See you Friday for my favorites.

Weekend Recap: Father's Day

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  We loved our family filled weekend.  

We came home Friday after work and made tortilla pizzas.  Flour tortillas make great pizza crust in case you haven't tried it.  It is a great personal size pizza.  Later on we loaded up and headed for the drive in.  We were ready to see Incredibles 2.

We really liked it.  

Saturday morning we divided and conquered.  I had my annual eye appointment and Carson had a haircut.  Greg took Carson and they made a donut stop first.

When I was done, I met them at Dicks to look for some things.  We left with some pool floats but not before we tried on some baseball helmets.

He looks so big!

We enjoyed our tacos for lunch before going to see Greg's parents.

Someone loved hanging out with Pappy.
After we left their house, we headed to Home Depot, got groceries and had dinner.

Yummy PDQ!

Sunday we celebrated our favorite Dad!  He wanted Red Lobster after church so we obliged.

We treated Daddy to ice cream too.
And we ended our day watching Razorback baseball with the game that took forever because of the rain delay.

What a great weekend with my boys!  I love them both so much.

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Friday Favorites: Father's Day Style

Happy Friday everyone!  I don't know about you but I am so glad it is the weekend.   I'm excited to link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

I just have one favorite this week and it is the guy Carson calls Dad.

Greg, you are the best Dad for our little buddy.  He adores you and he is not the only one who does.  

He loves to play cars with you.

To have late night chats with you.

To look as handsome as you.

To have dinner with you.

To check out car shows with you.

To play baseball with you.

To relax with you.

And so so many other things.  I think really he just wants to be with you.  He is your mini me in so many ways and for that I am so incredibly thankful.  Happy Father's Day to our favorite.  

Carson and the Dentist

Happy Wednesday friends.   I hope you are having a great week so far.

I feel like my kiddo grew overnight.  I took him to his first dentist appointment on Monday and he did fantastic.

He showed the hygienist how he can brush his teeth and was pumped to pick out his prize.  

This kid is growing so fast.  I love watching him learn new things and always showing me his cars.  

Have a great day everyone. 

I'm linking up with Lindsay for Welcome Wednesday.