Flower Bed Help

Okay friends, I need your help.  

It is about that time to get out and work in my flower beds.  Here is the problem, I'm terrible at it.  We have two bushes on the right side of the house that are huge and three on the left.  The two on the right are the same kind but the three on the left are all different looking.  The middle one on the left looks like it is not coming back because of some wind damage.  

I'm wanting to rework the left side this spring and need some suggestions.  

I would love to put a bird bath in there somewhere.  Let me know what you think. 


On Monday I linked up with Erika and Shay for their Workin' It Wednesday post on work and home life balance.  I went back through and read several of the other posts and loved what I read.

There are some incredibly smart women out there and I wanted to share a few of the things that stuck out to me the most.  I hope these things encourage you as much as they have me this week.  

OHIO: Only handle it once
I have heard this before but I guarantee there are people who have not.  This concept could make life much easier for all of us.  When we check the mail, throw away the junk mail right then.  When we have papers to fill out for our kids from school, fill them out right then and put them back in their bag.  
When I get a note from Carson's teachers about him needing more diapers or wipes, I will grab a pack right then and there and set it by the door right away.   I know there are many other things in my day to day that would benefit from this idea.

Write Things Down
I'm a sucker for a good notepad so this one should be easy for me.  I try to leave a notepad on my desk, my nightstand, in the kitchen and in my car.  I often think of things and I know I will forget.  My favorite way to handle this looks like this...
Hey Siri, remind me to do _________ at ____ time.   

Don't Compare
Guilty!  I know we all do this.  We think that so and so is doing a better job at meal planning, so and so rocks the carpool lane, so and so looks so put together ALL THE TIME.  We need to stop that right now.  We are never going to figure out balance in our life if we compare.  We have each been given specific responsibilities and the minute we start to compare our situation to someone else, the minute we have lost.  Mom guilt is the worst and we don't have time for it in our already crazy schedules.

Give yourself grace
We are going to mess up.  We are going to forget our kids lunch (our own lunch) and we are going to forget to move the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.  Oh well, it happens.  Do not beat yourself up over it.   Give yourself grace and maybe some chocolate.  

Thank you again Erika and Shay for the original link up on Monday.  I am so thankful for this blog community.

Life Lately

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I thought today would be a good day for a little life lately.

We have been reading books while we wait for the doctor to tell us our ears are infection free!
We are super serious while we play with the peg board at daycare.  
We are rocking our winter gear for a little while longer.  I love his Arkansas hat.  It has a pocket, not sure why but it does.

We are having way too much fun with SnapChat filters.  You are going to jail little bunny.
We are getting used to haircut #3 while we enjoy our grilled cheese.
We are not sure where all the tacos went and refuse to smile for a picture with our friends at Taco Bell.
We like to show off how big we are looking in our 2T Mickey Mouse jammies.

We are also sad that Duke and Arkansas are no longer playing basketball.  March Madness is now sad at our house. 

Workin It Wednesday on a Monday

 Today is Workin' It Wednesday with Erika and Shay.  This post was originally supposed to be back on March 8th but was rescheduled for today.

Today is all about balancing work and home life. 

This one is a constant work in progress for me.  I work full time outside of the home and then come home and chase around an almost 16 month old.  Life is crazy for us.  I also blog and I'm a consultant with Rodan + Fields.  

I've learned a few things that work for me to keep my life balanced.  The biggest tip is to get up early.  It does not always happen at my house but I've noticed when I get up at 4:30 or by 5, that my day plays out much better.

I also make sure that I'm ready for the day before I wake up Carson.  This makes my life 100% better in the mornings.  

We meal plan at our house.  I tend to meal plan on Wednesday and then shop on Friday for the upcoming week.  It is almost 6 by the time we get home each day, so we have limited time with Carson before he goes to bed so we try to make the most of our time with him each night.  Having our meals planned out saves precious time for us in the evenings.  

I try to work on my Rodan + Fields work during my lunch breaks so that I'm not bringing work home at night.  Greg and I also go to the gym at different times and we try to go when Carson is asleep.  

The biggest thing that I do is I'm up by 6am on Saturdays.  I know that gives me two hours almost before the boys get up to start laundry and any other Saturday projects I have planned.  

I use my Erin Condren planner  to keep up with my day to day plans.  Greg and I also have a shared calendar on our iPhones so we can always see what the other one has going on.  

We do not have it all figured out, but we are slowing figuring out what works and what doesn't for us. 

Friday Favorites

Hello Friday, it is so nice to see you!  I'm all ready for Friday Favorites today with Andrea and for the weekend.

A few weeks ago, I made a Facebook post to sell pans of cinnamon rolls to raise money for my friends Cameron and Amy as they are trying to adopt a new baby.  I never dreamed that I would have sold so many pans.  This has been one of the coolest things I have been able to take part in for friends.  This weekend I will finish up the majority of those pans.  I will have made about 65 pans of cinnamon rolls.  Thank you so much to everyone who ordered a pan.   You can learn more about Cameron and Amy and their adoption here.  If you feel led to give, I know they would be so thankful.

My other favorite this week was all of the ideas for kids parties.  There are so many creative people.  I shared my favorite kids party that I have planned here for Show and Tell Tuesday.

I think everyone's favorite has been this incredibly perfect weather lately.  Who doesn't love 70 degree weather in March?  However, we have snow in our forecast for Sunday.  Yes, it is currently 75 degrees outside.  

March Madness is almost here.  We have been watching the ACC & SEC tournaments.  I'm trying to think what kind of fun little contest Greg and I can have for our brackets.  I think it is time for all of us to get some new Duke shirts. 

Sorry Carson, but I don't think your shirt from last year is going to fit you this year.  

Speaking of Carson, he is always my favorite.  He has been so funny lately and I wrote a little update on him earlier this week.  Isn't he the best?  I think so.

Have a great weekend everyone.  If you need me you will find me making cinnamon rolls, or finally using my giftcard to Cheesecake Factory that we were supposed to use on my birthday or laughing at the fact that it is snowing in March.  

I've also linked up for Five on Friday with April and Christina.