Weekend Recap: New Recipes, Crazy Carson and Stewie

I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I did not want to get up this morning.  We must have had too much fun this weekend.

 Friday night we tried a new Baked Chicken Parm and I think someone enjoyed his dinner. 
 He loved his dinner so much that he felt the need to call his friends to tell them all about it. 
He wanted to show his Daddy how he likes to read before bed.

Saturday morning meant a haircut for Mommy and the boys played chase all around the house.  We packed up and headed to lunch at Moe's because Mommy has way too many Moe's bucks.
Umm, I need more quesadilla Dad.  We hit up Target after lunch to get a new blender and we all enjoyed our berry smoothie for our afternoon snack. We were greeted by a unique visitor when we got home.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you . That is a pig in our mulch.  We have been calling him Pork Chop but his real name is Stewie and apparently he likes our mulch for naps in the sun.

Someone had way too much fun in the preschool room with Miss Ashley and Miss Addie on Saturday night.  

After we picked up Carson from his room on Sunday morning at church, he snacked on some pancakes.  He was not happy when it was all gone.  

We decided it was only fair to take him to lunch.  We had a free sandwich and a gift card to Honey Baked Ham so ham sandwiches for all.  Carson wanted turkey instead.  I had to get a few things at Sam's after lunch so while I shopped, the boys looked at TV's.  It seems we may have a new TV coming soon.  We also enjoyed the samples while we were there.  We enjoyed the samples so much that we came home with two bags of potstickers.  

Sunday night dinner was another new recipe and we all loved it.  Thank you Andrea for posting this recipe.  

Have a great week everyone! 

Friday Favorites

Friday is here!  This has been my first 5 day workweek in a while.  I'm ready for a nap.  It is a little early for my nap so I'll share my Friday Favorites for the week.

I'll be going back to the store to get another jar or two of this salsa.  We have loved it.  I'm so glad we can find it at our grocery stores here in NC. We went with the medium this time.  I'm wondering if we should try the mild or hot one this next time.  Thoughts from those of you who love this salsa.

Tuesday was National Peanut Butter Day and we celebrated a little late with one of our favorite peanut butter treats.  
Simply mix together 1 cup of corn syrup, 1 cup of sugar and 1 1/2 cups in a heavy saucepan and bring to a boil.  Pour the peanut butter mixture over 5 cups of Rice Krispies cereal.  Spread the mixture in a large buttered bar pan and refrigerate for about an hour.  Cut your peanut butter krispies into pieces and enjoy. 

Apparently we now have a 16 year old.  Just kidding.  The weather was so nice on Wednesday and Carson wanted to play outside while he waited for Daddy to get home.  He ran all over the yard and tried to eat rocks.  When Daddy got home, he decided it was time for a drive.

He thought he was hot stuff.  He kept turning the wheel.  He knew exactly what to do.

I still can't get over how much a little haircut can do for a little person.  He looks like such a little stud.  This little buddy is definitely my favorite.

This favorite was a no brainer.  We are 99% sure that we are paci free in our house.  Monday night we tried to put Carson down without it.  He cried so we let him have it.  Tuesday night we tried again and the buddy just fell right to sleep.  He has been taking naps at daycare this week without it as well.  All the praise hands for this favorite.  I'm hoping this trend continues.  

Have a great weekend!  If you need me, I'll be taking a nap under the piles of laundry.

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Life Lately

Life lately has been a whirlwind.  I feel like these last few weeks have been daily changes in the life of the buddy.  He is turning into the coolest little man I know.  He eats non stop, runs around our house constantly and his laugh is so contagious.  He also loves to sweep which is another reminder to get a smaller broom so he can actually get some work done.  

We have been playing outside a lot lately. 

We have been busy with doctors appointments.  Physicals for Mommy & Daddy and ear infection follow ups for the buddy.

We have had fun getting our 2nd haircut and reminded Mommy it is time for her to get a haircut.
We have decided that some of the best lunches we can have are chips and salsa. 

We have played with friends and went for rides in their new carriage.
And we have hugged our friends at church.  

We have had a lot of fun lately. 

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's time for another What's Up Wednesday with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer.  

What We're Eating This Week...
Monday: Fried Rice
Wednesday: Baked Tacos sponsored by our new obsession of Mateo's Salsa
Thursday: Fish & Chips
Friday: Baked Chicken Parmesan

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I have been loving all of the pictures of Carson on my history on Facebook.  It's hard to believe how small he was and that he had straight hair.   

Where did that baby go?

What I'm Loving...
Carson at this age.  Who knew 14 month olds were so fun?  This kid is running everywhere, laughing at everything and eating us out of our house.  I loved him as a baby but this stage is wonderful.  

What We've Been Up To...
 Carson had his 2nd haircut this past weekend.  He looks like such a big kid.  We took dinner to friends on Sunday and he was outside playing with their daughter who is 3 and he held his own so well.  Nothing is going to stop this little buddy.  

What I'm Dreading...
I can't think of anything at the moment.  
What I'm Working On...
I've been a consultant with Rodan + Fields for a few months but I'm really just now starting to make the time to build my business.  I would love to share more information with any of you who are interested.  I have very fair skin and these products have been just what I have been looking for.  As we enter seasons of warmer temperatures, I am excited to share two of my favorite products.  The sunscreen and the sunless tanner.  If you would like a free mini-facial, comment below with your name and e-mail and I would be happy to send you a mini facial.  
What I'm Excited About...
In two months, Greg and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it has already been 5 years.  I'm excited to celebrate with him.  
What I'm Watching/Reading...
We haven't been watching a lot of tv shows this week.  I'm wanting to start Man With A Plan on CBS.  Have any of you watched it?  Thoughts?   

I'm currently reading The Magnolia Story.  

What I'm Listening To...
I've been listening to movie scores at work lately.  I like listening to something but I'm enjoying not having to listen to the words.  This week has been Star Wars movie scores on Spotify.  I love that on the bottom it shows a lightsaber for how the song is progressing. 
What I'm Wearing...
 Too many jackets.  This weather has me all kinds of confused.  It's chilly in the morning and I'm so warm in the afternoon.  I just want the weather to make up its mind.  

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
We don't have any plans really this weekend.  I'm excited.  This was my first full 5 day workweek in a while and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a little rest.  
What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
My birthday is next month so that is always fun.  My last year in my 20s is coming soon.  I guess the cool thing is my 30th birthday will be on Super Bowl Sunday is 2018.  
What Else Is New...
 I loved reading all of the Show and Tell posts yesterday.  There were some great ones.  You can read mine here and see all of the other posts here.  I was so sad when I realized I forgot to mention Amazon Subscribe & Save.  It has been a game changer for us.  Everything that we use on a somewhat frequent basis we buy on Amazon Subscribe & Save.  Diapers, contact solution, dishwasher detergent, refrigerator filters, etc.  We LOVE it. 

Show and Tell Tuesday: Steal vs. Splurge

I'm excited about the first Show and Tell Tuesday of 2017 with Andrea.  The topics for this year are going to be great.  

Here goes.

So, there are some things that we splurge on and there are plenty of things that we save on.

I'm sorry but Tide Detergent is a big one for me.  I have tried other detergents but I come back to Tide every single time.  Props to you all who make your own detergent but Tide is my favorite and I will pay for it.  However, I do like when I get a good deal on it.  I also will only use Dawn on my dishes.  The other dish soaps do not cut the grease the same. 

Jif Peanut Butter is all I buy.  I don't like the other kinds and that is just the way it is.

Store brand cereal is gross.  Give me the real Honey Nut Cheerios and Peanut Butter Crunch.

99% of canned goods are just fine if you buy the store brand.  I have yet to meet a canned tomato that tasted different.

When we were buying formula we used the Up & Up Brand (Target) and it was always half the price of Enfamil.  Our pediatrician said it was her favorite.  Hello steal, especially when you see how much of it you have to use.

Meal planning has been a huge steal for us.  The weeks that I meal plan well tend to be weeks that our grocery bill is smaller and we eat out less.  It pays to plan ahead.

Thanks for the linkup Andrea!

Weekend Recap

It's 7:30 on a Sunday night and I'm so happy to know that I still have one more day in my weekend.  I'm also not sure how the Cowboys just tied this game.  It is currently 28 all, we will see what happens.

We had a great weekend, I mean when your Friday night starts like this it is bound to be a good one.

Saturday meant a breakfast of champions.  I mean who doesn't love a Pioneer Woman recipe for breakfast.  

After that we went to Gander Mountain and Hobby Lobby followed by lunch at Shane's Rib Shack.  Carson loved looking around at Hobby Lobby.  Good job buddy.
His Daddy thought he should sit in a booster seat.  Umm no, he is still too small.  Don't rush his growing up.  

Saturday night meant going to our Saturday Night Service.  We started the book of Ephesians and sang some new songs.  One of which is called The Lion and The Lamb.  Carson and I enjoyed having dinner with our friend Ashley after service.  

Sunday we had small groups at church and little buddy wanted to enjoy the sunshine so he played outside for a bit.  

He also decided to play some piano for us as well.

I'm so thankful for a great weekend with my boys and I'm excited to have a productive Monday.  

Friday Favorites

So, I have not worked a full 5 day week since mid December and I'm still so happy it is Friday.  Next week is a 4 day work week and then after that it is back to a 5 day work week.  After our snow (ice) weekend, I'm ready to have a productive and fun filled weekend.

As always, here are some of my favorites from the week.

Apparently snow storms mean run to the store and get all of the milk, bread and eggs.  Apparently french toast is the official food of snow days.  For me, I'm more concerned about having ingredients for cookies.  I had a block of cream cheese that I wanted to use and I am experimenting with some ideas for Super Bowl parties so I decided to make a cheese ball.  My friend Reagan always made a Heaven Ball which is a Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball.  I found a variation on Pinterest that included peanut butter and I thought I must try it.  It was delicious.  I didn't have any Reese's but it was still incredibly tasty.  I had some of the Annie's Bunny Graham Friends and they were perfect to use to dip in the cheese ball.

I'm loving the results I am seeing from Lash Boost.  My lashes look longer and fuller.  My lashes are so light that I still use mascara but I love how great my lashes look.  If you would like to learn more about Lash Boost and our other great Rodan + Fields products, click here and answer a quick questionnaire and I'll send you a mini facial.  

Reading what everyone had to say was a favorite on Wednesday.  So many people had some great suggestions on how they keep their New Year's goals.  You can read my post here.  

I loved all of the extra time with my little buddy due to the snow.  By Tuesday though, he was wore out and refused to take a nap in his bed.  I decided I did not have the energy to fight him on it so we napped on the couch.  Lucky for me he is so cute.

I got an e-mail yesterday from Lifeway about signing up for devotionals from Joanna Gaines.  You know you love Joanna.  I'm excited to start getting these soon.  The sign up link will expire on Monday. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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