Tuesday Talk

So, I love fall and almost everything about it.  I've been adding fall activities to my calendar for September and October.  We are going to have a great fall this year.  There is just one problem, it is still too hot!  It's going to be 88 on Thursday, not okay.

Today, I'm talking about my fall decor.  I've added some new things this year and I really like how they've turned out.  
My brother just built us this table.  I love it.  Everything on the top is new this year and is from Michaels.  The items on the bottom were in Carson's room last year.  

We have five Halloween books for him down there.  

 The burlap sign came from That Inspired Chick and the frame is from Target.  I found The Great Pumpkin water globe at CVS last year.  
 My friend Kim hosted an Open House at her home and this sign came from So Southern Blessed.  I love it on my kitchen counter.

 I love my vase with the glittery pumpkins, my jar full of candy corn and my gray wooden block with fall colored mason jars.  The pine cones in the middle are from my friend Debbie's yard.

 The Thankful sign on the mantle is from Target.
 Hooray for pumpkin salt and pepper shakers.
I bought these Mums on Sunday and replanted them last night.  

Thanks for checking out my fall decor.  I love fall.

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Check back on Thursday for my blog about Melanie Shankle's upcoming book.  I've been on her launch team and I can't wait to share about this book.  See you Thursday.  

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday friends!  I hope your Monday is off to a great start.  Mine is off to a start, not sure about the great.  I'm sharing a short little weekend recap today because we had a lot of naps this weekend.

I took a 1/2 day on Friday to go home and get some rest before our student ministry lockin that night.  I went and did some grocery shopping and then went home to chill.  Greg picked up dinner and we had dinner with his parents before the lockin.  We pulled into Starbucks about 25 minutes before the lockin to caffeinate and I got sick.  Lovely!  I had to head home while Greg got to have all the fun.  I set my alarm for 5:40 so I could go back to pick him up.  What fun.  

I was wide awake after bringing Greg home and couldn't go back to sleep so I worked on some things around the house so he could sleep.  I thought I was still too loud so I left and took some cardboard off to recycle, bought Mums at Home Depot, got breakfast and went to pick up the buddy.
Apparently both boys were wore out on Saturday.  
We took Elmo for a spin in the afternoon and attempted to go pull weeds but it was so warm on Saturday afternoon.  Greg and Carson took a 2 1/2 hour nap while I took about an hour nap.  

The rest of Saturday and Sunday included church and lots of rest.  Someone also thought it would be fun to sneak some chocolate chip cookies on Sunday afternoon so we had one wild little guy.
I saw this on Sunday afternoon and cracked up!  So true.
This was on my feed from a year ago today.  I told Greg this weekend that it is time for another haircut.  Haircut #5 is coming up.  

Friday Favorites

It's Friday friends!  Today is going to be the day that never ends.  I'm chaperoning a lockin for our student ministry at church.  We all know that I'm in bed by 10pm so this is going to be interesting.  

I am linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites so hooray for that.  

I shared some of my favorite soup recipes over on the blog yesterday for the Girl Chat linkup.  I included some from The Pioneer Woman and one of my favorite recipes from Andrea's blog.

I'm loving having an almost two year who helps me out around the house.  He's been working on vacuuming and he  LOVES to help me unload the dishwasher.  Yes, it makes it a longer process for me but I'm so glad that he is learning.
I mean, yes please!  This is a big favorite at our house for all of us.

I bought these Leaves candles from Bath and Body Works a while back but I've finally started burning them.  I love how they smell.  I normally get the pumpkin scented candles but these are definitely a new favorite.  They smell like fall!  At work, I have the Warm Apple Pie one burning.

Little man is a dancing machine.  He loves to dance.  When I drop him off at daycare each morning, him and his friends walk over to the CD player and start saying music.  They all love to dance.
He even decided to dance to the National Anthem on Monday during MNF.  

I know it is just September, but November will be here fast.  My final favorite of the week has been starting to plan Carson's 2nd Birthday Party.  We are going with Elmo this time.  Pinterest boards have been made, I've looked at some things on Etsy and set the date.  

I loved his 1st Birthday Party.  All aboard for Chuggington.  

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you Monday!

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Girl Chat

Happy Thursday friends. I'm linking up with Emily for Girl Chat today.  It's all about the Fall Recipes today.  Can I get an amen?  Fall is my favorite.  I love pumpkin and I love apples.  I also love the excuse to eat appetizers all the time and call it football food.

When it comes to fall, I'm a sucker for three things.  Soups, pumpkin recipes and football food.  I thought I would share my three favorite soups today and none of them are my recipes.  We make these three soups often in the fall.  

I probably should throw in one dessert recipe.  A while back I wrote about two of my favorite fall bar recipes.  One is for pumpkin and the other are my very favorite cranberry bars.  Both of those recipes are here.  

Thanks for the fun link up ladies.

Show and Tell Tuesday: What's In My Bag

Happy Show and Tell Tuesday friends!  I'm linking up with Andrea today and today is all about what's in our bag.  Mine was pretty light today.  I switched out my purse on Saturday so that is probably why.

I told you it was light.  

On the left you will see my keys, my Burts Bees lipstick, some gum and a little blue container of ibuprofen.  You will also see a ziploc of Honey Nut Cheerios.  No, those are not for Carson.  That is my snack from church on Sunday.

On the top you will see a jar of candy corn.  That was in my purse for me to take to work to leave at my desk on Monday.  Fall is here and it is time to eat all the candy corn people.  No shame. 

My wallet is on the bottom and it is an old piece from Thirty-One.  It is time for a new one.  Any good suggestions?  

The right are three colored pens because I hate writing in black, blue and red in my planner.  I want some color.

In the middle are some of my absolute faves.  Ear buds for when I want to listen to Christmas music at work or for the gym.  My Rodan + Fields Lip Shield.  I'm pretty sure I normally have two of these in my purse.  They are the best!  

Last but not least my Erin Condren Life Planner.  I changed out the cover on Saturday when I got my Seasonal Surprise Box.  

I'm sure there are things that are normally in here that are not at the moment but that is life.  I'm sure I'm not far off from the stage of finding Carson's toys in my purse.

Weekend Recap: Catch Up Style

It's Monday friends!  I'm sure you are like me and was glued to the news of Irma all weekend.  The people of Florida have been on my mind all weekend.  

We tried to relax this weekend since we were gone last weekend.  

We started our weekend with picture day on Friday for the buddy.  This kid is such a stud.
This was our Friday night.  Irma coverage on the TV and Greg watching the models on his Macbook.

There was also some fall decorating this weekend!  I'll try to get a post up later this week of everything finished.  

I also did some meal prep on Saturday.  These are mozzarella stuffed meatballs.  They are on tap for dinner tonight.  I may have sampled some to help me feel better about how bad my Razorbacks played.
Sunday morning the boys wrestled in the bed before church.

After church we climbed things, washed our hands, and played some baseball before coming inside to bake some pumpkin goodies.

I love these 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins.  
1 can of pumpkin, 1 cake mix and 1 cup of chocolate chips.  I used a chocolate cake mix but I've used spice and yellow cake mix in the past too.

I'm thankful for a relaxing weekend with my boys!  

Friday Favorites

Hello Friday, it is so nice to see you.  It's time for Friday Favorites.

We had such a great mini vacation this past weekend.  It was definitely a family favorite.  Check out my recap here.

It is no secret that I love to grocery shop and find great deals.  We have a new store and I really like it.  I love getting a dozen eggs for 69 cents.  It's called Lidl.  I was hesitant at first because it was compared to Aldi and I can't stand Aldi.  I do like Lidl.  We can't shop there all the time because there is stuff I can't find there, but for a few quick items it is great.  

Fall is here friends!  Carson has been rocking his fall pajamas, I've stocked up on pumpkin and I have my fall candles burning.

We have entered an Elmo stage at our house so I snagged some Elmo stuff for the buddy at Target this week.  There was a 20% coupon on Cartwheel.  I also got some clearance summer items for next summer.  Hello puddle jumper.

Lash Boost is back!!!  I've had people asking me about it for weeks and it is finally back.  
Comment below if you want a $10 off discount and leave your e-mail.  

I hope all of you have a great weekend.  I think we have some hurricane prep to do this weekend.

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