Friday Favorites

This has been such a slow week.  I'm so glad that today is Friday and that my weekend is just a few hours away.

Time for my Friday Favorites...

We celebrated this cutie with a party this past Saturday.  I love him and he is always a favorite.  His actual birthday is this coming Wednesday.  Watch out world, the buddy is turning 2!

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to watch all of the FRIENDS episodes.  Do any of you do this?  I listed all of the episodes in my post yesterday and even found a clip of one of my favorite clips from the episode in season 6.  

I'm done, that is right, I'm done.  All of my Christmas presents have been bought.  I still have a few stocking stuffers to get, but that's because I like to get the candy closer to Christmas.  
Bless you Amazon prime.  I will get them all wrapped next weekend and have them already under the tree.  Oh happy day.  

My new Christmas plates came in and they are all ready for our North Pole Breakfast that will be next Saturday.  I love getting the new Christmas plates from Pottery Barn Kids.  Some years I get all four and some years I don't.  This year, I picked out two of them and two of the tumblers.    
Look at our cute plates from last year.  They are still in stock this year too.  

I'm about to a have a weekend with my favorite guy.  We are excited to have some time to ourselves.  We will miss our favorite little buddy but we are overdo for some alone time.

Have a great weekend friends!  It is almost Thanksgiving!  I will probably blog a little less next week, who knows.  

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Happy FRIENDSgiving

We are one week from Thanksgiving.  Something that I do every year is to watch all of the FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes.  I think they are so funny and there is one for each season.

I typically watch them on Wednesday as I'm baking and prepping for Thursday, but you can enjoy them however you wish.  You may even attempt to make a Trifle like Rachel or have a competitive game of football.  Heck you may all show up a few hours late.  I don't think Brad Pitt will show up to your dinner, but you never know.  

Here are the 10 Thanksgiving episodes and thank you Netflix for having them all.

Season 1
"The One Where Underdog Gets Away"

Season 2
"The One with the List"

Season 3
"The One with the Football"

Season 4
"The One with Chandler in a Box"

Season 5
"The One with All the Thanksgivings"

Season 6
"The One Where Ross Got High"

Season 7
"The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs"

Season 8
"The One with the Rumor"

Season 9
"The One with Rachel's Other Sister"

Season 10
"The One with the Late Thanksgiving"

Wishes to the Soon to be Mom & Dad

In just a few weeks, I will get a new title.  I'm going to be an Aunt and I can't wait to meet my sweet little nephew.  He is due on the 29th of this month.  The idea that my brother is going to be a Dad is kinda crazy to me but I know that he will be a fantastic Dad.  

I thought today would be a great day to send some well wishes to my brother and my sister-in-law.

Wes and Katy,
You can do this.  I know you have probably entered the stage where you are excited to meet sweet little Titus but at the same time are filled with fear and uncertainty.  I promise, that is normal.  Becoming a parent is a big deal.  Your sleep schedule is about to change, your ability to get up and take off somewhere in less than 10 minutes is about to be over, and the idea of personal space is probably gone.  

However, you are about to experience a love that I can't put into words.  There is about to be a tiny human who brings you a joy that is one of a kind.  I have no doubts that you two are going to be just the parents that Titus needs.  How do I know that?  Well, because the Lord specifically chose the two of you to be the parents of Titus.  

I hope you enjoy these last few weeks together and know that we are all here for you.  It is true, being a parent takes a village.  I think you have a pretty great village.  We all love you, all three of you!

Weekend Recap: Birthday Party Style

Happy Monday friends!  We are all tired this morning.  We had Carson's birthday party on Saturday and yesterday he celebrated his friend Cameron's birthday.  Love these 2 year old boys.  We had Carson's party a little early because everyone travels for Thanksgiving.  

We picked up the house and decorated on Friday night but we had to take a break to watch the Duke game.  Love my boys.

Welcome to Sesame Street!  I bought all of my Sesame Street decorations on Amazon.  My Aunt made the cookies.  I'm so glad she is making fun cookies now!  They are chocolate chip too.

 Someone was ready to party!  

Greg drew the Elmo that we stuck on the wall to play pin the nose on Elmo.  Well done Greg.

We had so much fun.  Carson has some great friends.  A few of his friends were sick and couldn't make it.  We missed them.

Sunday we celebrated Cameron's birthday.  I think they liked partying all weekend.

 I mean, how cute are they?  

Carson wanted to jump on the trampoline the whole time.  Sorry buddy, but we have to have cake.   

We hope you all had a great weekend too.  It's time for us to come off of the sugar high.  

Friday Favorites

Another week and another Friday!  It is already November 10th and we are less than two weeks from Thanksgiving.  I can't believe it.  

I'm excited for our weekend.  We have Carson's birthday party tomorrow morning and then have another birthday party to go to on Sunday.  

Now, it is time for my Friday Favorites.

There are a lot of November birthdays in Greg's family so we have been celebrating all week long.  Carson wanted to color a picture for Mema.
He was so proud of his picture.  He also was pretty proud of his singing skills.

I loved sharing about my favorite fall activities yesterday for the Girl Chat link up.  I'm loving the fall temps we are having.  
Just to give a spoiler, my favorite is the fall pictures.  

Target's Dollar Spot is on point for Christmas.  I went on my lunch break yesterday and I loved what I found.  I'm so excited.  I got a few stocking stuffers and a few things for our North Pole Breakfast.
I love this little Advent activity book.  

We had a friend over on Sunday night for tacos and I made my Cranberry Bars.  Yummy.  
They are a favorite in our house and they will make an appearance on Thanksgiving.  

I'm just going to leave you with my final favorites of the week.  
One, how is this possible?  This was on my feed yesterday.  22 years?  Oh Ross and Rachel.

But my real entertainment favorite this week was this.
You are welcome.  December is coming friends.

Have a great weekend and I'll be back with birthday party pictures next week.

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Girl Chat

Friday is coming friends!  Hooray.  Fall is here too.  It's been damp and in the 40s here.  I'm loving being able to wear boots and scarves.  Today, I'm linking up for the Girl Chat link up with Emily and we are talking fall activities.

Fall is the favorite in our house.  Greg and Carson both have fall birthdays.  

We love going to the fair.

We love to go to the pumpkin patch.

We also love to enjoy the fall temperatures.  

Greg and I love that we got engaged in the fall and at the Biltmore.

We love going to our Harvest Festival at church.

But my favorite thing we do each fall is take family pictures.  The colors in the fall make pictures gorgeous!

Thanks for the fun link up ladies!