#RFGoNaked Day

Happy Thursday friends.  Can you believe it is officially summer now?  I have embraced the sunscreen, sunless tanner, and the shorts.  I'm not convinced I'm ready for the heat though.  I may have to go get a strawberry snocone to cheer me up.

Yesterday was #RFGoNaked Day.  I'm sure your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages were filled with makeup free selfies.  For every makeup-free selfie & post with #RFGoNaked, Rodan + Fields® will donate $1 to the Prescription for Change® to serve youth with life-changing empowerment programs where they live.

Carson and I took our #RFGoNaked selfie and shared it.  I hope many of you shared your selfies too.  One of my favorite parts of this is that I didn't dread this post on Facebook and Instagram yesterday.  I have finally reached a point in my life where when I look in the mirror I don't feel terrible.  I've been using my Rodan + Fields products for almost a year and I can see a huge difference in my skin. I also love that even now, I don't really wear a lot of makeup anyway.  I use our Mineral Peptides powder because it doesn't feel heavy on my skin.  It feels light on my skin.  I finish off my look with a little mascara and call it good.  
If you saw all of the selfies yesterday and wanted to learn more about our great products, let me know.  I would be happy to talk to you.  Thank you all for all of your sweet comments on my post yesterday. 

He Who Calls Is Faithful

A little while ago I started studying Exodus in my personal Bible Study.  It has been so good for me to study this book so far.  There is so much to learn in this book.  I think for many of us when we think Exodus we only think about Moses and when we think about Moses we think about the Ten Commandments, the plagues and the parting of the Red Sea.

For many of us, we think Moses and we picture this.
Or if you grew up in the 90s you think this

I don't think that either one of those is the way I want to think about Exodus.

I want to think about Exodus and think about the One who promised is faithful.  The One who called Abram in Genesis is the One who is working in Exodus.

I've been slowly working through the text and I'm just in chapter 2 but what I have loved so far is looking back to passages in Genesis to see the faithfulness of God.  All throughout the book of Genesis you see God promise to Adam, to Noah, to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob and to Joseph that if they are fruitful and multiply that they will be a great nation.  They will have offspring like the dust, it will be everywhere. Then you open Exodus and what do you see?  God has already multiplied them greatly.  So much so that the Egyptians are worried that they will rise up against them.

God is already proving he is faithful to his promises.  Then what, we meet a woman.  Her name is Jochebed and she has a son and she is fearful.  She knows that she can't keep her son because he will die so she places in him in a basket and puts him in the Nile.  Many of us have probably thought why in the world would she do such a thing?  What Mother would leave her little baby in the river?  I tried to think to myself if I would do that with my child?  And then I read Genesis 21:15-16.  Hagar is debating doing something similar.  Why, because both of these women can't bear to watch their son die.  But in both stories, we see a God who loves and we see a God who is there with us.  For Hagar, we see God tell her that He will make her son into a great nation.  God was with her son.  For Jochebed, we see that God allows her to be the Hebrew woman that Pharaoh's Daughter has to nurse Moses.

I love seeing the constant reminders that not only is my God faithful but He sees us.  He knows who we are and He knows what we need.  He loves us and is so compassionate towards us.

I have had this song on repeat lately as I'm studying through Exodus.

Tuesday Talk

Today I am linking up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.  

I feel like I have been in a dinner rut lately.  I need some help.  I work full time outside the home and have a toddler.  He eats really well so our meals are for three people.  My husband likes to take the leftovers to work the next day most of the time.  

Here is my real dilemna though, I love using the Crockpot but most everything we would make is going to burn up in that thing by the time we get home.  I don't know about you, but a burnt dinner doesn't sound so hot to me.  

We love to grill but by the time we get home and get the grill going (charcoal), we have one fussy little guy. We buy our chicken and ground beef in bulk from Sam's so we always have that on hand.  We love Tacos and already have those once a week.  

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Weekend Recap: Father's Day Style

I hope you had a great weekend.  We did, which is why all of us wanted to hit snooze this morning.  Check out our weekend fun.

Friday night we decided to recreate one of our favorite meals at home.  We love going to Kanki.  I grew up going to Shogun or Benihana, but they are all really similar.  We, read I, forgot to get a zucchini so we didn't have the hibachi vegetables.  We had hibachi steak and fried rice.  I was really missing the soup but it was pretty tasty.  
Greg and I planned to watch Jason Bourne once the buddy went to sleep, but then this happened.
It was so windy and so many people in our area kept saying their power was flickering that we decided to postpone our  movie and watch the storm. 
 My flowers looked pitiful after the storm passed.  We also decided we wanted to go to sleep and listen to the storm so early bedtime for all of us.

Saturday mornings are my time to get stuff done before the boys wake up.  I was up at 5am and had done two loads of laundry and left to grocery shop before the boys were even up.  I love it.  

We continued to pick up a little bit and Carson was calling everyone we know.
We had decided earlier in the week to celebrate Greg on Saturday just the three of us.  We loaded up and headed to Cary.  We were going to have lunch at BurgerFi and go to Bass Pro Shop.  Greg was excited.  He also wanted to wear his new shirt that Carson and I got him.  

I had a single cheeseburger with onion rings, Carson had a hot dog and fries and Greg had their CEO burger.  We also enjoyed our custard samples they brought out.
We came back home and baked cookies for our Middle School students before going to church on Saturday Night and our usual Taco Bell dinner.  
Someone is a fan of their Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. 
He also wanted to play some in his new Paw Patrol pajamas before bed.  We love this kid and wanted to play too.

Sunday morning we slept in a little later than normal and then headed to church.  I love spending time at church with my boys.  I pray Carson always loves to be at church.
Aren't they cute?  
A lot can change in a year.  This was them on Father's Day last year.

After church we headed over to Greg's parents for lunch.
These boys had so much fun.  Greg's Mom had picked up Wing Stop for lunch.  We all enjoyed our wings.  My favorite were the Garlic Parmesan ones.

What a great weekend to celebrate our Dads.  We are thankful for FaceTime so we could call my Dad too.  

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

Hello Friday, it is so nice to see you.  This has been a slow moving week and I'm ready for the weekend with my boys.  Carson and I have big plans to spoil Daddy this weekend.  We are thinking some Bass Pro Shop, steaks, and maybe a present or two.  
As always, I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.  

Back in early spring, I picked up these little flowers at Target.  The cosmos were knocked over by a very annoying cat that roams our property but the other three are doing great.  I've had to repot them already and I think it will be time to do that again soon.  

I guess I forgot to take a pic of the Forget Me Not pot.  I love the sunflowers.  

Another few Target finds were my favorite this week.
I found these little Paw Patrol shoes on clearance for the buddy.  He wore them to daycare yesterday and loved them.  I didn't realize that they lit up until he put them on.
Hello friend!  I saw this bag and I had to put it in my cart.  I only like the pink Starburst so this made me so happy.  Another plus is that this bag is currently 15% off on Cartwheel through Saturday.  

I feel like any good Friday Favorites post has some new food find or recipe find in it, so here goes.
We decided to try these Egg Rolls from Sam's last weekend.  We had them for lunch last Saturday and again for dinner on Wednesday night.  Sometimes it is all about the convenience.  We love how they are individually wrapped and they are quite tasty after coming out of the oven.  
I love a great Pinterest find and this recipe did not disappoint.  They were easy to make and they did not last long.  These call for buttermilk.  We don't use a lot of buttermilk in our house, so we have been buying this.  It is awesome.  It is a powdered buttermilk that you keep in your fridge and use it as needed.  

Tuesday was PayDay for Rodan + Fields and I had my largest paycheck yet.  I shared this on my Facebook page and wanted to share it with you all.
I started my Rodan + Fields journey last fall and I am amazed every month how big of a blessing it has been to my family.  I know that for many people the products seem too expensive or they don't want something that has more than one step to clean their face, but I believe it is worth it.  My skin feels better and I'm able to provide extra for my family in a way I didn't expect.  

I also shared a little PSA yesterday too.
If you have ANY questions about Rodan + Fields, I would love to talk to you.

Yesterday I posted about two of my favorite Dads in honor of Father's Day this weekend.  I could not love my Dad more and I could not imagine a better Dad for this little guy.
Carson, I hope you know how lucky you are to have your Daddy.  

I'll see you Monday for a recap.  I'm ready to go celebrate the Dads in my life.  

I also linked up with Carolina Charm for 5 on Friday. 

Happy Father's Day to my Favorite Guy

I thought today would be a great day to celebrate some of my favorite Dads.

I love my Dad.  My Dad is kind and always wants to take care of his kids.  I have seen a brand new side of him in the last year and a half though.  He is crazy about a little curly haired boy named Carson.  Being a Grandpa might be his favorite role yet.  Carson James is his favorite tiny human.  He is currently working on a few projects at his house for things to do with Carson when we visit in the fall. Carson is lucky to call you Grandpa.


And then you have my favorite guy who has made one incredible Dad. Sorry about all of the Greg and Carson pictures.  Really, I'm not that sorry though. 

 Greg, you are without a doubt the best Dad that Carson could have asked for.  You are his best friend.  He lights up and jumps for joy when he sees you.  You love him, protect him, fight for him and discipline him.  You demonstrate love to him in ways that he will be so thankful for as he gets older.  We hope that you feel loved and appreciated this weekend.  

If you are looking for something yummy to make for the Dads in your life this weekend you should check out these Ham & Cheese Scones.  They are delicious.  I made them yesterday for a brunch at work and I didn't come home with any of them.  I would show you a picture but I didn't get a good one before they were all gone.  

Happy Father's Day Weekend!