Weekend Recap: Zoo Style

Happy Monday friends!  Our weekend included a lot of outside time and all I can say is I was so thankful to have my Rodan + Fields sunscreen with me.  
We were outside all day on Saturday and we all managed to keep the sunburn away!

We had to wake up the buddy on Saturday to head to the zoo and this was his face at Bojangles waiting for his biscuit.
You better give me that biscuit real soon Dad.
He perked up quickly and was ready to hit the road.
A boy and his Mickey.
We made it and we were all ready to explore.  
But first, Mommy had to step into the map like Joey Tribbiani from the FRIENDS episode in London to figure out where to go.
Now we are ready!
We knew we were just going to stay at the zoo through lunch so we opted for the North America side of the zoo this time.  Greg and I had done the Africa side last time.

We saw grizzly bears and black bears.  The grizzly bear had lost a lot of his hair so he looked funny to us.  

We loved seeing the fox and the cougars.
It was way too hot for the polar bears to be out so we pointed at them on the screen and we enjoyed the cool air in their exhibit.
We were thankful this snapping turtle was closed up because we could have lost a hand to that guy.
We were mesmerized by the seals and sea lions.  So fun!

We thought the bison were cool too.  After all, the Bison are the mascot at OBU.  God Bless OBU!

We had so much fun exploring.  We headed back for lunch with some friends from Daddy's work.

We decided to try and go back to see a little bit of Africa after lunch.

However, the tram kept dropping people off and not adding any new passengers.  We took that as our sign to pack up and head home.  We were exhausted and so hot.  It was also nap time for the buddy.

We enjoyed our strawberry slushes on the way home from Sonic.
Saturday night seemed like a good night for sandwiches for dinner.  We love these sandwiches.  Rotisserie chicken and chopped spinach on ciabatta with provolone.  Toast it to melt the cheese and yummy! We always buy our rotisserie chickens from Sam's.  They are the cheapest, the biggest and the most flavorful.
Sunday morning was a lazy one for us.  We went to church a little late and grabbed a quick lunch before Daddy went to the range with Pappy.
This was the weather outside when we went to get Daddy.  So hot.
Thankfully these storms came through and cooled us off some.  Our power went off and on about 5 times.  
We ended our night by moving some things on the walls.  Carson wanted to help Daddy.  He would hand Daddy the hammer and level when he asked for it.
Now we can show off more artwork by the buddy.  

Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday Favorites

Is it fall yet?  Please say it is.  This 100 degree weather with humidity is not my friend.  Hobby Lobby already has the pumpkins out, let's just say it should be fall.  I am so happy that it is Friday though.  Time to link up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites.  
This book has been a big favorite this week!  I've loved reading it and can't wait for all of you to get to read it soon.  It comes out in October.  I promise that you will want to read it too.  

We finally finished Carson's room and we love it.  He is growing up so fast but I love how fun this stage is.


I love watching this little guy play.  As we finished up his room, he talked to the Peanuts gang for a good 20 minutes.  He apparently had to assure them that even though they wouldn't be the decor of his room anymore that they would still be friends.

Sometimes at work we have a question of the day and yesterday it was about what Disney character we identified with and then we found this link.  It gives you a Disney character based on your Myers-Briggs.
When you find out you are Mary Poppins, it has to be a favorite.  Apparently I work with a few Mary Poppins, a few Mufasa's, one Elsa, one Cogsworth and one Pocahontas.

This song has been on repeat for me since Wednesday.  I love the mash up so much.

Have a great weekend everyone!  See you on Monday.

I'm also linking up with Christina for for 5 on Friday.

Carson's Big Boy Room

The time has come to say goodbye to the Snoopy nursery and turn it in to a big boy room!  

We knew that we wouldn't keep the Snoopy room forever and we planned to change the room to a baseball theme.  

We both love baseball and knew it would be a great boy room.  We had a Yankee stadium picture from Target that we have had in our house for a while.  We went to Hobby Lobby to get the rest of the room inspiration.

I loved how it turned out.  Come see Carson's new big boy room.
 Why count sheep when you can count home runs?  We found this picture at Hobby Lobby.
 The Little Slugger sign is from Hobby Lobby and the two baseballs and little sign on the shelf are from Amazon.  The little sign says "In baseball as in life the important things happen at home." We have a Yankees baseball and a Braves baseball, because we are a divided household.  
 The middle picture is the one from Target, the metal baseball player is from Hobby Lobby and the Babe Ruth sign on the left is from Amazon.
We kept the Carson letters up and his bookshelves.  

In case you were worried that Snoopy is completely gone, take heart that Carson still has about 6 Snoopy stuffed animals and all he wanted to play with last night was the little Peanuts Funko characters.  

Carson says thanks for checking out his new room.