Friday Favorites

Summer is in full swing at our house.  We are playing outside, going to bed a little later, and enjoying family time.  

Today, we are so happy it is Friday and time for Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika and Narci.

We are loving our outside time this week.  Baseball, a little water fun, and maybe some bubbles.  This little buddy loves his toes in the grass.  

My favorite this week is our big 7 month old.  I can't believe he is growing so fast.  He makes every day fun and full of laughs.  

I am a sucker for a good patriotic dessert.  Last year, I made a red white and blue fruit pizza but this year I think I may try this parfait by Shay.  

Have a great weekend everyone!  My weekend is full of yard work, a quick road trip packing list, a baby shower and time with my two favorite guys. 

7 Months of Joy

Carson, you are a joy.  I was trying to think of the word that best describes this last month and that is all I could come up with.  Well maybe the word jumper would work too.  You are so happy.  Your smile is contagious, your laugh is contagious, and you bring more joy to us each and every day.  

You are now 7 months old.  I do not know how that is possible but it is.  My favorite part of this month might have been the fact that multiple people told me that they see more of me in you.  It was music to my ears after 9 months of you in me and 13 hours of labor. 

This past month you have mastered the wave.  Your personal favorite is to wave goodbye to the house when we leave each morning.  You also have the best giggle when your Daddy tickles you.

You are on the verge of being a baby on the move.  You have the best position for a push up but are not quite ready to move forward with the crawling.

You eat like a champ.  You love mango, avocado, yogurt, and sweet potatoes.  You also have a soft spot for the Apple Jesus Cake that you had at Jaime's last week.  Before all of you freak out it was just two bites.  Take a chill pill.

You are weighing in at 17.6 pounds.  You are one growing little man. 

I have a feeling that when I do your 8 month post I will feel like I'm talking about a completely different little guy. 

 The month to month pictures are my favorite.  You look so different. 
These pictures are not as easy to take as they used to be.  You move so much. 

Summer Lovin

In case you are not aware, yesterday was the official first day of summer.  Hello Summer Solstice.  The longest day of the year was warm but not too hot around here.  We decided to take in some true American summer activity.

On Sunday, two of our middle school boys were talking about their baseball game on Monday night.  Low and behold they were playing each other.  Ding ding ding, what a perfect thing to do on the first night of summer.  

We both got home from work about 5:40 and quickly changed, ate a pb&j and headed out the door.  It was time for some middle school baseball.  
I spent a lot of time at the baseball fields growing up.  Wesley played baseball from t-ball all the way through high school.  We loved baseball at our house.  I hope Carson wants to play baseball when he is older.  We finished our evening off with a Sour Cherry Snocone and a Strawberry Snocone.  I don't know of a better way to spend the first night of summer. 

Weekend Recap: Father's Day Edition

I hope all of you had a great weekend.  We sure enjoyed celebrating our favorite Dad this weekend.  

Carson came home on Friday with a special card he made for his Daddy.  His daycare always knocks it out of the park in this department.  

Friday night we had a band dinner.  Greg plays in the praise team at church and we all had a fun Friday night together.  We were supposed to bring a side and I was not in the cooking mood on Friday night so we thought a big Olive Garden salad was the perfect contribution.  Not to mention I had a 20% off coupon.  

Carson decided he wanted pancakes on Saturday.  He is working on picking up his food.  He is still in the fist it stage but he is doing great.  

Greg mowed on Saturday while Carson and I played and cleaned a little.  Someone is also learning to move a lot more in his crib.  You never know how you will find this kid.

That afternoon we went and celebrated the 1st birthday of one of Carson's friends.  Happy Birthday Olivia and Carson is excited to have more swim parties at your house.  

Sunday we celebrated Daddy.  He got a new weed eater for Father's Day and decided to test it out.  Carson and I are so thankful for a hard working Daddy.

We enjoyed our morning at church, lunch as a family and then we spent the afternoon with the grandparents.  

Carson and Greg decided to read the Jesus Storybook Bible before bed.  We love it.

Greg and I ended the day watching the Cavs beat the Warriors to become NBA Champions.  

We hope you had a great Father's Day Greg!

Happy Father's Day

It was June 21st of 2015 and I wished you a Happy Father's Day.  I knew you were a Father already but that is about all I knew.  I knew that I could not wait to see you as a Father.  A few months later I would introduce you to your son that you still had not met.  I would imagine that your son would look like you, be laid back like you, and be all boy just like you.  Boy was I right on that one.  

This Father's Day is a little different.  There is a 6 month old boy who thinks you hung the moon.  He watches for you when you are gone.  He basically jumps out of my arms when he sees you pull in the driveway.  He laughs the hardest when you tickle him.  As you have been staining the deck, he wants to sit at the door and watch you.  He adores you.  

He knows deep down that you are his Dad.  He knows that you want what is best for him.  He knows that you want to teach him things and He knows that you love him like crazy.

So on this Father's Day, I hope you know that being Dad to Carson is one of your best roles yet.  

Tuesday Top Three

I feel like everyday there is something new going on with Carson.  I love doing his monthly updates but sometimes there is too much going on to wait a month because lets face it my memory is not so great.  Here are the top three for Carson for right now.  I wanted to do mine and Greg's top three but that may be another time. 

Carson is all about the wave.  This morning as I dropped him off he looked at me and just started waving.  I love that he has such a great time at daycare.  He is not the one to get fussy or upset when I leave.  He waves and then he gets to playing.  

Ladies and gentleman, we have a tooth.  His gums have looked swollen for a few days and he has been teething for what seems like months but we finally have one that has cut.  You can't fully see it yet, but you most definitely feel that tooth.  

Mr. Carson loves him some food.  We knew he was getting ready for food when he would eye our Eggo each morning and would drool over them.  His favorite is most definitely mango and avocado.  

Stranded: Netflix Style

That's right.  Today I am Stranded with Erika and Shay.  

Today is all about what three Netflix shows we would want if we were stranded.  

The good news is that if I was really stranded and only had Netflix I would not have to watch Chuggington or Little Einsteins.  Oh darn.

My top three would be...

I can't imagine not having my FRIENDS if I was stranded.  I would need some love from Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and the Chick & the Duck.  

 We all need more Gilmore in our life.  I however am #TeamLogan and I think he needs his own picture.  You jump, I jump Jack. 

Finally, we all need a little Barone Family Fun in our life.  

See you next month for more Stranded With fun.