Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm ready to get this weekend going.

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.  Enjoy my favorites for this week.
I received my new She Reads Truth Bible a little over a week ago and I love it.  My only regret is not being bold enough to get the coral.  I do love the gray linen though.  
We have a little boy who loves to read.  However, there is not much cuter than a little boy reading with his Daddy and also doing a major head bobbing dance.  
This week we had the launch of Active Hydration Serum with Rodan + Fields.  I am so excited about this product.   
My favorite thing about this product is that we can ALL benefit from more hydration.  This product works with all of our Regimens.  If you would like to know more please e-mail me at  I would be happy to help you.  Also, any Preferred Customer who purchases a Regimen in May or June is going to get a free sample of this amazing product.  You don't want to miss this opportunity.  

We are trying to add more color to our house and we finished one of the flower beds on Monday.  I loved how it turned out, I'm just hoping my flowers don't die on my watch.

I know that Carson is just in daycare but his school pictures are always a favorite.  I mean, when did my baby become a little man?

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Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I'm linking up with Erika and Fancy Ashley today for their Tuesday Talk.  

Everyone posts about such different things.  It is fun to read through them all.  

Over the last few weeks, my time in the Word and even my desire to be in the Word has been weighing heavy on my heart.  I grew up knowing the truth of God's Word.  I have had periods in my life where I woke up each morning longing to read and study it and there have been periods in my life where it has been just the opposite.  I've been reminded lately that the good news is that God's Word is still there.  It hasn't left and it has not changed.

Isaiah 40:8
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

I've been planting some flowers lately and I have a black thumb.  I know these flowers are going to die and it will probably be sooner rather than later.   I am so thankful to know that unlike my flowers that are beautiful now and will probably be brown soon that God's Word is beautiful now and will be beautiful in the days, months and years to come.  

I recently bought the new She Reads Truth Bible.  There is nothing special about this Bible in terms of it saying something new.  It doesn't, it is the same Word of God that has been around for years.  I do love it because it constantly reminds me of the beauty of God's Word.  The best Bible is a read Bible.  I pray today that you and I would both be reminded that the truths of God's Word are ready and available to us.  We just need to be in the Word.

Weekend Recap: Easter Edition

Happy Monday!  We are all so tired.  We enjoyed our long weekend with my parents here for Easter, but I know we will all sleep wonderful tonight.  

My parents got here Thursday afternoon in time for Carson's egg hunt at school.

He did much better than I thought he would.  He would try and open each egg to see what was inside before going on to the next one.

Look how tiny he was last year at his egg hunt.

After the egg hunt, we stopped by my friend Stef's house to pick up our muffins.  Stef is baking for missions to fund the mission trips that her family is taking this year.  We LOVE her cheesecakes, but went with blueberry and coffee cake muffins this time.

Friday we went to our Good Friday Communion service and out to lunch before playing outside during the afternoon.  Grandpa and Mimi bought Carson a new Bubble Machine Lawn Mower and he loves it.

Saturday we hit up the Block Party at church.  Carson loved the bounce house but what he really loved was meeting his friend Willow and the Bacon Mac & Cheese.

That afternoon we made Resurrection Rolls before heading to the Saturday Night Service.  

This is a great way to teach the true meaning of Easter in a tangible way.

Sunday morning Carson woke up to his Easter basket being guarded by the Easter Bunny.
He had to move the bunny to get it out of his way.
That afternoon we worked in the yard some and Carson went for a ride with Dad.
Carson, Greg and I ended our Easter weekend by dying some eggs.   
We had a great weekend as a family with my parents here to visit.
I'm so thankful to be able to celebrate a Risen Savior!