Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends.  I missed you all last Friday, but it was nice to start the weekend a little early.  I am back this week for Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika and Narci.
I loved seeing all of the home tours on Tuesday for Show and Tell Tuesday.  If you missed it, you can check all of them out here on Andrea's post.  

Here are a few pictures from mine and my home tour post is here

I have posted many times about my love for grocery rebates but it is seriously the best.  This week alone, I had one item qualify on more than one of my grocery rebate apps.  I was buying Carson some Pampers Splashers for his swim lessons and I had a $2 coupon and two of my apps had $2 rebates as well.  They ended up being a little over $2 for me after the coupons and rebates.  I've talked some in the past about those apps here.
99% of the time I at least have one rebate with Ibotta and Mobisave.  I always scan my receipts on Receipt Hog and for everything.  I'll scan restaurant and gas receipts on it too.  You get coins based on what you spend.   It is so easy.  Shopkick gives you kicks just for walking in the door at some places.  I've gotten back over $500 at Ibotta.  It pays off, I promise. 

I've been wanting to change up Carson's room for a while.  I found these two signs on Amazon.  We want to do a vintage baseball look.  Greg is a huge Yankees fan so we thought these two would be a great start.  We are looking for more suggestions though.  Thinking about all the fun of changing up Carson's room has been a favorite.
My little buddy has been cracking me up all week.  He is such a boy but he is so affectionate at the same time.  He is always giving hugs and always wanting to be right beside us.  I'm ready for a weekend with my favorite little guy.

I am loving the new bundle with Rodan + Fields.  You can get a Regimen and a Lash Boost bundle and save 20%.  If you are a Preferred Customer, you get an additional 10%.  These savings are a favorite for everyone.  Not to mention, you will have great looking skin and lashes.
Let's talk about how we can get great results for you too!
E-mail me at and we can talk about this great bundle.

Have a great holiday weekend and happy last day of June!

Peanut Butter Day

Hey friends!  I am so excited about Friday.  We are going to have a Peanut Butter Day at work.  All of the girls on my floor are huge peanut butter fans.  We may e-mail each other peanut butter memes a little too much.  

We are all bringing different peanut butter items and are just going to have a day filled with peanut butter.  I can't think of a better Friday at work.  I'm going to make Peanut Butter Rice Krispies.  We decided Wednesday that one person is going to bring pb&j items for our lunch too.  

I thought I would share how I make my Peanut Butter Rice Krispies with all of you.  I know there are lots of variations but this is my favorite.

 You will need:
1 cup of corn syrup
1 cup of sugar
1 1/2 cup of peanut butter (I use the Creamy Jif)
5 cups of Rice Krispies cereal

Stir together the first three ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil.  Stir in the cereal and press into a large buttered bar pan.  I refrigerate mine for a few hours until they are set.  Cut them up and enjoy. 

I'll make sure to share some of our yummy goodness on Monday. 

What's Up Wednesday: June

Hey friends and Happy Wednesday.  I can't believe we are nearing the end of June.  I'm linking up with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.  Come join in on the fun.
All you have to do is answer these questions.  
What We're Eating This Week...
Sunday: Cheeseburgers, Corn on the Cob, Sweet Potato Fries
Monday: Sloppy Joes & Chips
Tuesday: Chicken Quesadillas
Wednesday: Stromboli
Thursday: Fish &Chips
Friday: Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Mac &Cheese

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I've been making some coasters recently and it made me think of the craft & bake sale last November.  I still have a few wreaths that I may make soon.

What I'm Loving...
I'm loving wearing little to no makeup.  I shared last week about #RFGoNaked Day and I love that in the summer all I'm wearing makeup wise is our mineral peptide powder and some mascara.

What We've Been Up To...
On Monday, I posted a weekend recap that included some swim lessons, snocones, and some other fun summer things.

What I'm Dreading...
I can't really think of anything.

What I'm Working On...
Decluttering!  I'm tired of my house feeling cluttered.  I have been cleaning and getting rid of stuff for a few weeks now.  I'm ready to be done.

What I'm Excited About...
Carson is at the best age.  He has 5 more swim lessons and we have decided to make that Mommy & Carson time.  Each week it will just be the two of us with a breakfast date.  I'm excited for time with my sweet boy.

What I'm Watching/Reading...
We are watching a lot of baseball at our house.  I'm also working my way through my favorite show again.  I'm on season 6.  Season 5 is my all time favorite. Any guesses?
I've been reading She Reads Truth and I'm working my way through Exodus in my personal Bible study using Jen Wilkin's study book.  

What I'm Listening To...
I'm also listening to Jen's teaching on Exodus each week.
Carson and I have been listening to a lot of Phil Wickham in the car too. 

What I'm Wearing...
Just the normal work clothes followed by coming home and putting shorts and a t-shirt on almost every day!  

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
We have week two of swim lessons and we are having a 4th of July party with our small group.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...
We are taking a trip to the zoo and we will find out the gender of a special little baby that our friends are having.  

What Else Is New...
Not a lot.  We are enjoying our summer.

Bonus: What's Your Favorite July 4th Tradition?
I love watching the fireworks with my family and grilling.

Show and Tell Tuesday: Home Tours

I love when Andrea does Show and Tell posts.  Today is all about our homes.
 Grab the graphic and link up with us.
Welcome to our home and to what it looks like covered in snow.
We recently pulled up what was planted on the left and added some day lilies.  
Sometimes on the right side of the house you see our huge bushes that need to be trimmed and a unwanted guest.
 This is one of the first pictures I took of my kitchen for my first Show and Tell home tour post.
This is a picture now of my counter with our red, white and blue decor.
The barstools came from At Home.  We love them!

Our kitchen, dining room and living room all are one big room.

 The couch is from Haverty's and the coffee table is from IKEA.
The It Is Well wall decor came from Hobby Lobby.  Yes, I was watching FRIENDS while taking my pictures.

Carson's room has been a Snoopy nursery but I'm planning to change that over this year.  Our plan is to go vintage baseball in his room. Come check his room out.

 My brother built the book shelves and the Carson letters.

Our extra bedroom has a full size bed in it but the boys use it for this purpose.
Yes, we play a lot of drums in our house.  But the other main use for this room is when Grandpa and Mimi come to visit. The bedding came from Target.

Our master bedroom is pretty simple at the moment.  I am planning to move the wall art from above our bed to put in the guest room.

I hope to hang this piece above our bed with our engagement photo canvases from the living room.
We love to look out at our backyard too.  We hope to add a playlet out there soon for the buddy.
Thanks for coming by our home.  We love our little home.  

Weekend Recap

I missed Friday Favorites last week.  I was wore out and just didn't write the post so my weekend recap is beginning with Thursday because it is my blog and I want to share some of my Thursday pictures.

I left work early on Thursday to take the buddy to his ear infection follow up appointment.  Hooray for the infection being gone.  He loved playing before his appointment.

He is my favorite little guy.  He has so much fun.  That night we went to a going away party for some of our friends.  Carson is going to miss his friend too.

Friday night we made a quick dinner at home before heading out for snocones and our Friday night fun at Sam's.

I love strawberry snocones and Carson loved sampling our flavors.  
He played for a few minutes too and thought he was so cool to be out on a Friday night when it was after his bedtime.  
He had to guard his snacks and his juice boxes.  
We came home and put him to bed and I watched the Braves game on Facebook live while picking up a little bit.  Baseball is a great way to end a Friday night.

We left our house early on Saturday for swim lessons but not before someone got their granola bar all over my bed.  Yes, all of my sheets and blankets were washed that afternoon.  

Carson has loved the water in the past but he was not sure about day one of swim lessons.  We are hoping next week will be better.  All of the kids were so cute and most of them were having a good time.  We hit up Panera after swim lessons because water makes you hungry apparently.  

Before heading home we went to get groceries.  Someone loved sampling the ham and chicken we got from the deli.  We love getting Boar's Head meats.
We had planned to stay home all afternoon and I'm glad we did because we had a major storm come through early evening.  Greg went to church but Carson and I stayed home.  We made cookies and we saw a playset that we hope our Uncle Wes can build for his house.

We also checked on our flowers outside and made crockpot meatballs for dinner.

We then watched the storm come in and had a river in our backyard.

Someone enjoyed their meatballs and mashed potatoes for dinner.
We were at church longer than normal on Sunday because of a family meeting so we had a late lunch and we decided to try out the booster seat.  I'm not ready for all of this growing up.

We relaxed the rest of the day before making burgers and enjoying our ice cream sandwiches.

We hope you had a great weekend!  Carson and I were asleep by 8 last night.  We were exhausted.