A Different Kind of Normal

I've been in Wake Forest for exactly two weeks and I absolutely love it. There is not a single regret in my mind and although these last two weeks have been nothing like what I anticipated, I love the new normal that is becoming a part of my new life.

I love that my apartment is slowly becoming my home. I love that in just about two weeks, my roommate will be here for good and we can go buy furniture and other decorations for our apartment. I love that I have the ability to knock on the wall in my room and know that Adam and Kimber are right there. I think the thing that I love most is that I am fully confident that the Lord has me here for a very distinct purpose and I can't wait to find out what all that entails.
Over these past two weeks, my life has been different. I guess that is a good word choice. Day three was the one that shifted everything. I would say that it was really Day 11 that changed my thoughts about the entire situation. That was the day I was told surgery was going to happen on the knee. To be completely honest, as much as I didn't want surgery to happen, I knew that it was going to happen. Looking back now, I'm glad I decided to go forward with the surgery and here is why. The day of the actual injury when I saw the doctor in the ER and he said that I had broken my kneecap and that what had happened was a sliver of my kneecap had come off, he told me that ideally it would just attach back to something in my knee. I don't know about most people, but the thought of a part of my kneecap just attaching somewhere that it doesn't belong did not sound like the best option to me. However, I am not a doctor so what do I know. The meeting with the orthopedic doctor put the theory from the last doctor to rest. After he looked at the x-rays, he told me that in fact my kneecap was not actually broken. In reality, my kneecap was just dislocated, but when that happened there was a piece of bone that had come loose and was just floating around my knee. He gave me a few options, option one was to just leave the piece in the knee. It would probably all be okay, however, it could at any time get caught in something and cause my knee to lock up and do further damage. I'm thinking no on that option. Another one was to do an MRI and to see how big the piece was and where exactly it had come from. However, he said ultimately he wanted to get that piece out regardless of the size, so all the MRI would do is give us the information and cost me more money. Needless to say we did not do the MRI. The final and best option for me was to go ahead and just do surgery without the MRI and get the piece out. The only real problem was the fact that not knowing a lot about the piece of bone and where it came from left a little bit of ambiguity about the surgery, nothing to be worried about though.

So, the surgery was set for Thursday morning. It was anticipated to be about a 30 minute surgery, but it took about a little over an hour. The piece was a little larger than a quarter and thus had to be broken up bit before removing it through the knee scope and the knee was a little inflamed with some blood around the kneecap. Everything went well and I went home less than an hour after it was all over. I was told that I could remove the main bandage on Saturday and I will get my new knee brace on Monday!

I took off the bandage this morning and it was so nice to let my knee breathe for a change. I am still sitting and thinking about why I have to be a klutz and why the Lord chose this as one of the first things for me to deal with in my move to Wake, but I do know that He is sovereign and His plan is much greater than mine. His hand has been in this from the beginning and I've already seen ways in which this accident is already shaping my time here in Wake. I've been so blessed by my new friends at Richland Creek Community Church and I'm excited to get plugged in at that great church. So, thank you Lord for the new normal that is becoming my life here in Wake.

Not My Plan, But His

I've learned this past week that the plans that I have can so easily be changed. I have been in Wake Forest for just about six days and it took less than that to see my plans go out the window. My parents and I arrived in Wake Forest late Saturday afternoon and were very quickly introduced to my new roommate, Kayla, and her parents. I had been nervous all week about meeting her and those feelings were so quickly removed. I left that night with a new sense of excitement about my move to Wake.

Sunday came and I was able to go out and get furniture for my apartment and things began falling in place. That night we went out with Kayla and her family and once again I felt that the Lord had been in this from the very beginning. I told her bye as she was going back home for a few weeks before school started. Little did I know that the next day was about to change my entire plan and anyone that knows me well would know that I like my plan.

Once again Monday was spent looking for furniture, getting cleaning stuff, and everything else you do when you move. We had schedule my bed to be delivered that afternoon around 4:30, but little did I know that I would not be there to see my bed delivered. About 3:30 that afternoon as I was unpacking I somehow managed to get my foot caught under some of my bags and as I was trying to get it out I turned my knee without my foot turning. I heard a few pops and fell to the floor. My Mom stopped and asked what had happened and I honestly did not know. I just knew I couldn't move and my leg was throbbing. We ended up going to the ER in North Raleigh and after a few x-rays, one of the best hospital staff's I've ever met, and about two hours I left with a broken knee. The doctor told me that basically when my knee turned, the pressure and stress placed on the knee caused a sliver of the kneecap to break off.

I'm still amazed at the turn of events this week, but I can say with absolute certainty that my God is faithful. Yes, I moved out here about 4 weeks early to begin a job search in an awful economy but I know that the Lord has a plan and although I may not know what it is He does and that is all that matters. I've been so blessed by how helpful everyone has been. I especially want to say thank you to my sweet friend, Emily, who I knew while I was at Prestonwood and who now works at Southeastern. I also wanted to thank the Housing Office at Southeastern for answering questions and trying to make everything as easy as possible for me. I know that the Lord worked through them months ago to allow me to have a first floor apartment as well as be next door neighbors with my good friends Adam and Kimber.

I'm so excited to continue to watch the Lord do wonderful things through all of this and am anxious to learn more about the injury at the doctor on Tuesday. Please be in prayer on Tuesday as I find out what if anything needs to happen next. I have seen a difference in the level of swelling today. Hallelujah!

It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

I was so blessed last night to be able to spend time with so many wonderful friends. I was so thankful that my last night in the nursery was spent with some of my favorite little people. All of them were so fun and so excited to play. It was also VBS Pre-Registration night so we were able to go and pet lots of little animals (bunnies, goats, a horse, kittens, and a few others) and then we jumped in some inflatables! It was so fun to see them have such a fun time at church. I love when children get excited about going to church, because hopefully their love for the church will continue to grow!

After I finished in the nursery I went to Braums with some friends. I loved that my last night in Shawnee was spent with Heather, Kaitlyn, Linsey, Cari, Lindsey, Kirt, and Drew. I'm so thankful for friends who have all played huge roles in my time at OBU. I love all of you so much and am blessed to have you as friends. In the words of Heather, I won't say goodbye. I will say see you later though. Oh wait, maybe that is actually from The Holiday.

He's Our Defender, Our Deliverer

A few weeks ago I was at Prestonwood Baptist Church and I forgot just how much I missed that church. I had spent all of last summer there as an intern in the Women's Ministry. I was so blessed to be able to worship along with so many brothers and sisters in Christ. The whole morning was focused on God as our King and our Deliverer. What a powerful message and I'm so thankful to be reminded of that very message.

In the midst of a changing time in my life and in the lives of my friends, there really isn't a better message for each of us. We are all going separate ways and we are all experiencing various emotions of insecurity, doubt, and many other obstacles. I sat there that morning listening to the song during the offering and thinking about how my fears seem so trivial and yet the Lord, my Refuge is just waiting for me to call upon His name. I began to think of things that I know about the Lord. He is my Refuge, my Defender, my King, my Father, my Protector, my Shelter, my Friend, my Shepherd, my Deliverer, and my Savior! I know that the list goes on, but I hope that today you can sit down and think of what the Lord is in your life!

You can watch the choir at Prestonwood sing this beautiful song at this link. I believe the song is about the 23 minute mark. The words are below too.
Defender (Call Upon the Name)
Words and Music by: Travis Doucette

Verse 1:
He is near to the broken
Close to the weary of heart
In His name is a refuge
A safety for the weak and discarded

There is help for the hopeless
For the wounded in need
In the presence of Jesus
There is power unleashed

Call upon the name of the Lord
He's our defender, our deliverer
A shelter in the midst of the storm
Jesus, our Savior
He is King over all

Verse 2:
I will sing of my Redeemer
Testify to the touch of His hand
Lifted me from disaster
Set my feet on a solid rock to stand

God is our refuge, our strength and salvation
A mighty fortress is the Lord Almighty!
There is no equal, no power beside Him
Forever our champion is the Lord our God!

Copyright 2010 Music You Can't Turn Down (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.