She Said Yes

The engaged life is crazy...

My life right now is full of photographers, venues, dresses, rings, flowers, decorations, announcements, invitations, showers, and so many other things that go into having a wedding. Thankfully, the person sitting right beside me through all of this is the same person who will be waiting at the end of an aisle for me in 128 days!

128 days! On March 24, 2012, I will put on a white dress and walk down an aisle. There will be a incredibly attractive guy in a gray suit waiting for me and in front of our friends and our family we will enter in a covenant with each other and with our Creator. We will vow our lives to one another and we will vow to live a life that is centered around the very story that has changed both of our lives. Thank you Jesus for allowing Greg and I to meet and for us to eventually get married, but more than that thank you for saving us.