I'm Rather Fond of March

As a kid your favorite month tends to be the month of your birthday or December because of Christmas, however I believe mine might be March. It has quickly become a month very near to my heart. I have not had a change in heart simply because March is the month that Greg and I are getting married, yes that is a plus, but not the only reason.

I'm still quite fond of March last year. It is true that in 10 days Greg and I are getting married, but in 13 days Greg and I will be celebrating one year since we began dating. A few weeks ago, Greg's family had a wedding shower for us and his Mom asked me to tell her and everyone there the story of how we met. Neither one of us remember how or when we met, we do however remember lots of details of the beginning of our relationship.

It was March 27th, 2011, and I was frantically trying to figure out what to wear. Why, I don't know because I have no idea now what it was. Greg remembers skinny jeans and my red coat. He came to pick me up around 4 on a Monday afternoon and we went to Joyner Park for a walk. Who knows what we talked about or why we chose to walk that particular direction but we loved walking around Joyner. I do know for a fact that neither one of us will ever forget what transpired next. We got in Greg's car to go grab some dinner and it wouldn't start. I remember his expressions like it was yesterday. Here he was on virtually our second date and his car wouldn't start. I'm no guy, but I do know that most guys hearts probably would have sunk when that happened. It seemed like he attempted to start it about 50 times. I had no idea what to do. I just sat there with terror over what to do. I was afraid to say something or do something wrong and make it worse. I remember asking him for the key so he wouldn't keep trying. That might have been a bad idea. Before I knew it, I had put my hand out and took his. I had no idea how to get his car to start or what to do with it, all I knew was that I wanted him to know that I wasn't going anywhere.

Within the hour, we had went back to my apartment to get my car and I think he was still shocked that I still wanted to spend time him. We went and had dinner and then followed dinner with coffee at the Coffee Company. We continued to learn about one another and then all of a sudden Greg asks a question. I believe it went something like this...

Greg: "People keep asking me about us and if we are dating. Can I please just tell them that we are?"

Maybe it's not the most conventional way to ask, but I loved it and I loved that it happened in March.

Thank you March for continuing to become a month near and dear to me.