We are Real Adults Now!

This realization came after Kim and I took a road trip to Tulsa yesterday to visit Rachael and to see her new apartment. That's right, a new apartment! We are real adults now. My precious friends and I are all starting new chapters in our lives. For some of us it may mean marriage, others will be teaching, some of my friends will be RN's, and some of us are continuing our education. It has been such a journey for each of us. Over these past four years we have all been slowly learning a little bit about it is that we want to do. Some of us knew exactly what we wanted to do when we first stepped foot on Bison Hill, some of us knew our end goal but were unsure as to how to get there, and some of us still have no clue what the Lord has in store for us. I will say this, I am so thankful that I have been able to witness my precious friends each walk through this journey and I am so excited to see where the Lord takes each one of us!