Wake Forest

Yesterday marked the two month mark. That's right I move to Wake Forest in two months and start my Master's work at Southeastern. During my time at OBU, I never thought that I would continue on in the education world. I thought a Bachelor's degree was enough and now here I am thinking about ordering books, picking classes, and working on my Master's degree. Over the past few weeks I've continued to think about what seminary will be like. I find myself getting really nervous and having this strong desire to go out and buy several books so that I will be prepared come August. If you know of any good theological books that I should read please let me know. One of the goals for Southeastern students is for them to begin to build their theological library. It is going to take some time and no I will never get close to the size of Dr. Akin's library.

In the meantime, I've worked on a list of pros for living in Wake Forest...
  1. Kimber and Adam will be there! So excited to get to spend time with them.
  2. I will be approximately two hours from the beach. (pic below of Carolina Beach)
  3. Nicholas Sparks lives in North Carolina. I would love to meet him and hear about how he thinks of his story-lines.
  4. North Carolina is beautiful! If you've never been, you will just have to believe me or come visit.
  5. Dawson's Creek was filmed in Wilmington and parts of Durham. I always loved that show. Please don't hold that against me.
  6. Last but certainly not least...it is only a short distance to Durham to go watch Duke! (pic below)