Lots to Learn...Women's Ministry 101

It is hard to believe that it has been almost seven years since I first heard the call to seek the Lord in full-time ministry. I remember that day quite vividly and I still am humbled that the Lord chose me and that He wants to use me. It took me a while to realize what this call meant. I remember having several talks with my pastor and his wife. I immediately decided that I wanted to be obedient to that call simply by learning. I know it may sound lame, but I am still on that journey and honestly I hope to be on that journey for a long time. I never want to reach a point where I quit learning and quit having the heart of a student.

Something that I learned very quickly about this entire process was the importance of making contacts and networking. Thankfully, I love this part. I love meeting new people and hearing about their individual ministries. It is that eagerness and that willingness to meet new people and learn from them that led to me being able to intern for Kelly King, Debbie Stuart, and Beth McClain. I can not even begin to explain how much I have learned from each of them and how much I treasure all three of them to this day. I firmly believe that each one of them have taught me things about myself and about ministry that I will take with me for many years to come.

Part of being a good student is about passing along good information. I want to make sure that as I share that I leave pieces of information that can be valuable to anyone interested in Women's or Girl's Ministry.

People who are much smarter than I...

I will try to do another post in the next few days with a list of books and other blogs to help aid in the Women's Ministry/Girl's Ministry learning process.