If Only We Had iMessage

I might have responded differently had a thing called iMessage existed last February.

As most of you know according to my last post this time last year Greg and I were in
the beginning stages of our flirting, talking, liking each other, and getting ready to begin
a relationship that would change both of our lives in ways we could have never even

Currently most of you dating, engaged and married people are trying to figure out what
to do for your special someone for Valentine’s Day. It’s okay to admit that, because
I’m right there with you. I do not want to speak for Greg but I bet you he is at least still
contemplating some things.

I do know now what he was contemplating last year on Valentine’s Day. How do I
know? Hmm, maybe because he told me. No, he did not tell me that day but he did tell
me a few months down the road.

Last Valentine’s Day we had just celebrated my birthday and we had entered into the
funny flirting stage of our relationship. Most people do that in person and maybe even
over text, but Greg and I had not quite reached that stage yet. No, we flirted a little
differently. Our primary way of flirting was smack talk while attempting to demolish
the other person in Words with Friends. Yes, we are shameless iPhone lovers. Then
everything changed on the flirting front when we bumped iPhones and had each others
phone numbers. Let the crazy amounts of texting begin. I do not even want to know how
much my number of texts increased. I’m sure it was quite ridiculous.

I do know that on that Valentine’s Day Greg was probably quite thankful iMessage had
not yet been created. Why you ask? Well, he typed Happy Valentine’s Day probably
somewhere around 30-40 times. Happy Valentines Day! Erase. Happy Valentines
Day! Erase. Happy Valentines Day! Erase. I think you get the picture. My sweet Greg
was nervous about sending me a Happy Valentines Day message. I think later when
he was trying to erase it, he accidentally hit send and there was no going back. Sadly,
he was not the only one who had Valentines Day texting fears. I quickly opened the
message, however I did not quickly respond. I too, like my sweet boy deliberated over
my response for sometime. I did not type a response 30 different times, I just stared at
my screen in fear over what to put. The fear was not over not knowing the huge sense
of excitement that his three words gave me but the fear of not knowing what he was
trying to say. I was in this state of fear over the idea that it was just some group text and
I was not about to right this sweet mushy response to a group text. So, I responded with
something to the extent of thank you and Happy Valentines Day to you too.

I think both Greg and I look back at the last year and at times think we were silly, a bit
ridiculous, and down right weird. I think those thoughts are quite often followed by an
overwhelming thankfulness that the other person looked past those crazy moments and
decided to jump at the opportunity to start an incredible journey with the other person.

Happy Valentines Day to my sweet fiancé Greg! I love you!