Oh, the Side Hug

Most birthdays you roll out of bed and say another day, another year. Most birthdays you are asked about a dozen times if you feel any older or if you feel any different. And most birthdays you answer those questions by saying no, not really.

Not this birthday. No, I do not really feel older. However, I can say that I do feel different. I'm now 24 and I can see quite easily that I feel much different then I did when I turned 23.

Turning 23...
Last year seems like a whirlwind to me and honestly that is okay. I woke up as a 24 year old today and realized that while 23 my life changed in ways that it never will again and I am perfectly okay with that.

The other day, Greg and I were talking about my birthday last year. Yes, I did know who Greg was last year and no we were not dating. In fact, neither of us had any idea about what was about to happen in the upcoming weeks and months. For my birthday, I asked some of my closest friends to go to dinner with me. FYI, I remember this day like it was yesterday so pardon my details...

We went to Olive Garden. We being me, Crescen, Ashleigh, Kayla, Chad, Gia, Josh, and Greg. I had just got my new iPhone and Ashleigh & Greg would keep trying me cool things about it and which apps I should get. I can remember we had this waiter that was trying to be super cool all night and it was rather interesting. I do not remember what I ordered, but Greg would say now that it was fettuccine alfredo because I always order that now. I just know that I love their salad and breadsticks, so the rest does not really matter. Now to be clear we can all tell you what Josh and Greg ordered because they both ordered cheesecake because they were not that hungry. When it was time for salad and breadsticks the waiter brought us out plates and salad bowls for all 8 and then quickly removed their plates since they had only ordered dessert. At which point they both got a little sad/mad and Greg within a minute had an entire breadstick in his mouth hiding it from the waiter. The rest of our time at Olive Garden was just great conversations up until Chad and Ashleigh debated as to who should pay for my meal.

From there we did what a lot of 20 year olds do, we went to Starbucks. I have no clue what the 4 or 5 conversations were about. I do remember what happened as we left Starbucks. I had said bye to most everyone and then Greg pulled me aside and gave me a card with a iTunes gift card and oh yes the side hug. We still laugh about the side hug and how funny we both were. Neither one of us really knew what was happening, but now we know that in those moments in February we were in the process of falling in love.

Today, I'm 24 and no I am not getting a side hug from Greg. At least I hope not. I do know one thing and that is that this year is going to be different. In just 49 days I will no longer be Emily Eaton, I will be Emily Harrison and I will get a real hug from Greg that day.

Here is to being 24 and to being able to watch my life change in so many ways! I am so excited!