Weekend Recap: Choo Choo Edition

Happy Monday everyone!  I woke up with a 9 month old in my house.  I'm not sure that is how I would like this Monday to begin but I have no control over that.

We decided to do some new things this weekend.  Carson had biscuits at Jubala and went on a train ride.  Oh yeah and a girl kissed him.  Moving on.

Friday night seemed like a night to eat out so we went to Olive Garden.  Someone decided he was a fan of the breadsticks and showing off his voice.  Let's just say we have a chatty little guy.
Saturday morning we got up after one of us slept for 13 hours and two of us were not that lucky.  Off to Jubala for a biscuit for the little guy and two pimento & bacon biscuits for the older two.  Sorry Carson.  You missed out on the grown up biscuit. 

Later in the day we ventured to Pullen Park to ride the train.  Someone was not sure what to think of the train.  He did love the swings though. 

Saturday night he wanted to hang out with Miss Ashley at church.  He also decided that pants were optional apparently. 

Sunday morning Mom and Dad were a little surprised to find Carson sitting up in his crib.  Time to lower it again. 

Carson liked playing with his friend Lauren on Sunday.  These two are something else.  There may have been a kiss between these two little crazies on Sunday. 

Later today we go in for Carson's well check.  Let's see what the official weight and height is for this little stud.