Life Lately: Valentine's Style

Life lately has included a lot of kleenex.  I feel like one of us has been sniffly for the last few weeks and then you add in the stomach bug that took all three of us down.  We are all ready to feel 100%.  

This week included lots of family time at home.  This past weekend was so warm so we played outside a lot.  
Tuesday night we continued our tradition of having Valentine's Day celebrations at home.  This year we made Shay's Meatball Mozzarella Bake and it was a big hit.  
 All Aboard the Love Train!
 I love when he comes home with crafts from daycare! 
Someone finally got the hang of opening a present.  He was so excited about his stuffed giraffe.  

I'm enjoying my flowers and the brownies that we made!  That is the best kind of life lately I can think of.