Friday Favorites

It is finally Friday and holy cow I have not blogged in days!!  This has been a long week.  I'm ready for some time with my boys.  
I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.

I can't get over this weather.  It is February and we have been having days in the 70s for almost two weeks in North Carolina.  It is crazy but we are loving it.  

The only downside is the need for allergy medicine so early. However, the park wins over fighting allergies.

Another favorite this week has been the smell of cinnamon filling our house.  I'm in the process of baking 50+ pans of cinnamon rolls.  It is crazy but so much fun.  I'm selling each pan for $10 and that money is going to help my friends Cameron and Amy adopt a baby.  I can't wait to meet this sweet baby.
If you only knew how much butter and powdered sugar was at my house.

Carson's favorite was hanging out with two of his favorite girls this past weekend.  I promise he did have fun.  I'm quite positive he saw someone with food and is trying to figure out how he can get some.  
He also loved the bubbles at the birthday party.  

My favorite of the week is Carson in his new shirt.  We have some Star Wars fans in our house.  

Another favorite this past week has been all of the crazy facial expressions.

We are cookie lovers in our house so before our cinnamon roll bake-a-thon began we made these cookies.  We did all chocolate chips this time. 

And just in case you need a laugh.  I saw this yesterday and cracked up.  

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoy your weekend.