Two Posts in One Day

I've been so busy this last week and so much has happened that I want to share, so I thought I would post a list of my top 5 things from this past week! I hope you enjoy!

  1. I joined a church in Wake Forest! This was so exciting for me, because it was the first time I have joined a church without my parents. I was under "watchcare" while at OBU, but I have now requested to move my letter and all. I can't wait to be able to serve and continue to be a part of Richland Creek Community Church!
  2. I've made some pretty incredible friends if I do say so myself. I've found a small group that I love and am able to study Scripture and pray with these new friends. We even had a mini-birthday celebration for sweet Rachael. Ashleigh and I made
    her Red Velvet Cupcakes with homemade Vanilla Cream Cheese icing and they were so tasty!
  3. Kayla and I finally have living room furniture! We spent countless hours looking on Craigslist, going to furniture stores, and any other option we had. You would be amazed by how people throw around the word "beautiful." Honestly, people need to invest in a new dictionary because an ocean print couch does not equal beautiful in my book and is definitely not worth $400! We got a matching brown couch and love seat and they are so comfortable.
  4. This may not seem top 5 worthy because I have not found a job yet, but I have had two great leads and one would actually involve wedding and event coordinating! My heart skipped a beat when I learned about this job. I hope to be able to hear about something soon.
  5. Hooray, my knee is healing! I still have several weeks left of rehab, but things are going well. I'm doing about 7 different exercises each time with roughly three sets of 15 for each one. I go twice a week and my PT's name is Karen and she is absolutely precious. I have really enjoyed being able to get to know her. We laugh so much because I always lose count of where I am in my exercises because we are talking about all kinds of stuff!
I hope all of you are doing well and I would love to hear from you all! Miss you!