I'm Not in Arkansas Anymore

Let me say from the beginning of this post that I love living in North Carolina!
I really do, but with College Football kicking off this weekend I realize how much I miss Northwest Arkansas. Growing up and even now when I can, I turn my TV on as soon as GameDay comes on and watch as Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler, and Desmond Howard talk about all of the games for that day. I love getting up and putting on as much red as I possibly can and then watching college football all Saturday!

While at OBU, I had to watch so many Big12 games and I loved the chances when I got to go home and watch my Razorbacks. I loved being in Fayetteville on Saturday's. NWA was covered in red. People would be dressed in red, put flags on their cars, paint their faces, etc. Some of my favorite memories from my childhood include going to Razorback games with my family. Yes, my brother is a Tennessee fan but I still managed to let him tag along sometimes.

I think my favorite game was actually my Sophomore year at OBU.
I was given four tickets for the last home game of the season. I brought three
friends with me from school all of whom are Razorback fans.
It was the last game with Frank Broyles as Athletic Director and we won!
We even made it on TV twice during the game and Darren McFadden
broke the record for single game rushing yards for the SEC.
Man, do I miss D-Mac and Felix.
It just so happened that we played South Carolina that game.
I probably just lost 5 new friends with this post.

Anyway, happy opening weekend of the 2010 College Football season to you! I think it's going to be a good one!