To My Wonderful Friend Kimberly

Dear Kim! I am so thankful for you and it broke my heart to tell you today that I won't be able to come to your wedding in less than a month.
I am so excited for you and I know that this is simply
the beginning of a beautiful journey for you and Dan.
I was thinking about the past four years and what a blessing you have been
to me and thought I would share some pretty great pictures of us!
Sadly, I couldn't find any from the road trip we made to my parents house in
Arkansas. I do however remember the epic road trip CD I made for you
when you drove to my house.

Roommate dinner and Target trips did not happen enough that year.

I loved living with you, Linsey and Michelle.

We had Dr. Pepper parties, 90's pop music dance parties, and a lot of last minute Civ cramming.

Look how pretty we are! I think it's funny that Dan is in the background here.

I think I cried about 8 different times that day, but I know that for each of us the Lord has opened doors and has continued to show how faithful He is.