One Year...A Lot Has Changed

Today I realized just how long it has been since my last post. I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of living in Wake Forest. It is hard for me to believe what all has happened since then. I would not change this past year for anything. I will be the first one to admit that this has been far from one of the easiest years of my life. Last July, I had no idea what I was about to embark on when I was making the 20 hour drive from Northwest Arkansas to beautiful Wake Forest, NC. I'm so thankful for what the Lord has taught me in this year and what He has blessed me with.

Most of you know that within my first three days here I tore
up my knee. To be specific, I dislocated my patella (kneecap) and was on crutches from July 19th til early October. I had to have surgery and be in physical therapy for the majority of that time. It was one of the scariest and most frustrating times of my entire life. I had moved out to Wake Forest early to find a job and get settled before starting school. Of course, my plans and God's plans never seem to be exactly the same. I was blessed with amazing friends and a wonderful church family who made that time in
my life one that I cherish.

In the midst of all of that I began my first year of seminary. I never thought about continuing school after college and honestly I had no desire to do so. Once again, my plans did not match what the Lord had for me. I love Southeastern and I love being a part of a school that wants to equip students to serve in the local church and at the same time be a part of the Great Commission all over the world.

This past semester a few new opportunities came up. One, I began praying about going to Cape Town, South Africa. I have never been that far out of the country, but I fell in love with this city last summer. That's right, I fell in love with Cape Town and South Africa while watching the World Cup last summer. Now, in less than two weeks I have the privilege of going with some great friends to serve in this great city that is so rich in history and in culture.

I also recently moved in with some pretty great roommates! I'm so thankful for Crescen, Hannah, and Sabrina. They are great and living with them has
been such a fun experience and continues to force me to learn and grow.

This year has also brought about a major change to my life. For the first time in my life I'm dating! It is still so weird for me to say that and at times I'm not really even sure if I'm in the middle of a dream or not, but I would not change a single thing. Back in March, I began dating my best friend and my time with him has been nothing short of a pretty great journey so far. I was able to fall in love with my best friend and for that I am so grateful. I love watching how both of our ministries exist together and how even at times right now they look really different. I'm so thankful for how the Lord has brought Greg into my life and I am so excited to see where the Lord leads us in the future.