Hello 31 Weeks

Carson is 31 weeks!  I am in a state of shock.  I feel like I have been pregnant forever and at the same time I feel like this pregnancy has flown by.  There are so many things still on my list that I want to have finished before you arrive.

I think he is too cute!  I look at this picture on a daily basis.  He is growing on pace and everything looks great each appointment.  Hooray.  We are going to the doctor every 2 weeks now and beginning at 36 weeks we will go every week.

His nursery is all done.  We LOVE it and hope he does too.

 My brother built the two little bookshelves and did his letters above the crib.

 The little rocking chair was mine when I was little. 

Everything is coming along.  We have two baby showers in October and we are excited about that.  

In the mean time, our goal is to make our final list of what we realistically want to accomplish before Carson comes.  We have a few more things we would like to finish around the house but nothing too crazy.   

We are so ready to meet our little buddy.