Three Months

How is my baby already 3 months old?  He is changing a little too fast for me.

He is weighing in at 12 pounds and rocking the 0-3 month clothes.  I'm sure that our days in that size are coming to an end.  Insert the tears here.  My baby boy needs to slow down. 

I am pretty sure he has a better wardrobe than his Mom and Dad combined.  

He smiles all the time.  No laughs yet.  

He is not a fan of tummy time and loves cuddles. 

He kicks and plays the most on the changing table.  He is perfectly content to lay on his changing table forever and just kick around.  Don't ask me why.

He loves going to his new daycare and he smiles when he sees Ms. Jennifer in the morning.  

He sleeps all night and that makes for a happy Mom and Dad.  

He loves going to hear his Dad play drums during their rehearsal each week.  

We are smitten with our precious baby boy and can't wait to see what he does this month.