Stranded: Netflix Style

That's right.  Today I am Stranded with Erika and Shay.  

Today is all about what three Netflix shows we would want if we were stranded.  

The good news is that if I was really stranded and only had Netflix I would not have to watch Chuggington or Little Einsteins.  Oh darn.

My top three would be...

I can't imagine not having my FRIENDS if I was stranded.  I would need some love from Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and the Chick & the Duck.  

 We all need more Gilmore in our life.  I however am #TeamLogan and I think he needs his own picture.  You jump, I jump Jack. 

Finally, we all need a little Barone Family Fun in our life.  

See you next month for more Stranded With fun.