Happy Father's Day

It was June 21st of 2015 and I wished you a Happy Father's Day.  I knew you were a Father already but that is about all I knew.  I knew that I could not wait to see you as a Father.  A few months later I would introduce you to your son that you still had not met.  I would imagine that your son would look like you, be laid back like you, and be all boy just like you.  Boy was I right on that one.  

This Father's Day is a little different.  There is a 6 month old boy who thinks you hung the moon.  He watches for you when you are gone.  He basically jumps out of my arms when he sees you pull in the driveway.  He laughs the hardest when you tickle him.  As you have been staining the deck, he wants to sit at the door and watch you.  He adores you.  

He knows deep down that you are his Dad.  He knows that you want what is best for him.  He knows that you want to teach him things and He knows that you love him like crazy.

So on this Father's Day, I hope you know that being Dad to Carson is one of your best roles yet.