Tuesday Top Three

I feel like everyday there is something new going on with Carson.  I love doing his monthly updates but sometimes there is too much going on to wait a month because lets face it my memory is not so great.  Here are the top three for Carson for right now.  I wanted to do mine and Greg's top three but that may be another time. 

Carson is all about the wave.  This morning as I dropped him off he looked at me and just started waving.  I love that he has such a great time at daycare.  He is not the one to get fussy or upset when I leave.  He waves and then he gets to playing.  

Ladies and gentleman, we have a tooth.  His gums have looked swollen for a few days and he has been teething for what seems like months but we finally have one that has cut.  You can't fully see it yet, but you most definitely feel that tooth.  

Mr. Carson loves him some food.  We knew he was getting ready for food when he would eye our Eggo each morning and would drool over them.  His favorite is most definitely mango and avocado.