Bye Bye Harrison Party of 2

The days of it being just the two of us are drawing to a close.  Greg and I went to the Harvest Festival at our church last night and it was another reminder that we are nearing the day in which there will be three of us going to things.  I'm pretty sure that Greg's birthday and Halloween will be the last two things we do as a family of 2, unless little man decides to come late and be here after Thanksgiving. 

These last few days have been met with the reality that Carson could be here soon.  We are down to the weekly appointments to the doctor and were told last Friday that we should make sure we are ready this week.  He did not say that because Carson will come this week but just so that we are not rushing and scrambling to do things in the next couple of weeks.  

This week might be busy.  Here's the plan...
  • Greg turns 30! It's a big year for Greg.  Turning 30 and becoming a Dad.  
  • Finish washing things for the little man.  
  • Try to get his nursery all organized.
  • Finish up the hospital bags.
  • Decorate the house for Christmas.  
Have a great week everyone and pray that we can fit some sleep into our week as well.