Countdown is On

The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and the weeks are getting closer.  Fall is in the air and that means that the days of snuggling with my new little one are getting so close.  We are at less than 5 weeks until we get to meet our Carson.  

These last few weeks have been full of Carson anticipation.  We have had baby showers, worked on the nursery, and more doctors appointments than we know what to do with.  We are even getting our flu shots this year.  

Check out some of the fun things you have got buddy.  

 You are all ready for your 1st Christmas Dinner.

 I have a feeling that you will stay squeaky clean.  

You are most definitely going to be a cute dressed little man.

 We are ready to celebrate your 1st Year Milestones.

 It appears that you will like cars like your Dad and Uncle Josh.

It looks like you will be a little musician like your Dad too.   

Carson, we are so ready to meet you!  I have never seen your Dad more excited.  He is the first to watch your weekly update videos on the baby app, the one who wanted to install your car-seat last month, pack our hospital bags and do anything he can to get ready for you.  We will see you in about 5 weeks little man.