10 Months of Carson

Well ladies and gentleman we have a 10 month old.  Last Thursday, Carson hit the 10 month mark.  This year has flown by.  I'm in the middle of birthday party planning and I know it will be here so soon.

Carson is a ham.  He is booming with personality.  He cracks himself up constantly.  

He is into everything.  He crawls everywhere and alternates mid crawl on his preference of crawling.  He has about three different ways he crawls.  He can stand for about a second by himself and I'm afraid walking is in the not to distant future.  

He loves playing with his John Deere Mega Block dump truck.  He treats his crib like a personal trampoline.

This past month brought about a new haircut for the buddy and it makes him look so much older.

Carson says Dada, Mama, and baba (bottle).  Carson will eat anything you put in front of him.  He loves food and has a better diet than his Mom and Dad do.  

He is loving watching football with Mom and Dad too.  

Carson, thanks for being the best little buddy we could have asked for.