Weekend Recap: Hair Cut Edition

I can't believe it is Monday.  I'm sure that is because we had a full weekend and I'm exhausted.  

Friday night was Girls Night for this Momma.  My friend Amy hosted a Southern Whimsy party.  We all painted door signs.  Mine turned out huge but I love it.  It was perfect for gameday on Saturday.  Love my Razorbacks.
After I got home, Greg headed off to an all night lock in with almost 300 teenagers.  Good job Greg.  Carson and I enjoyed our sleep.  Well Carson did.

Saturday was busy.  We had a lot of little things we wanted to do.  New phones, lunch, and some shopping.
Carson loved his kid spud at McAlisters and let's be honest I loved my spud too buddy.  Greg had the New Yorker.  Go figure.  

After lunch we hit up the AT&T store.  Someone wanted a new iPhone.  I wanted a Pumpkin Spice Frap.

Carson was ready to go by the time Greg was finishing up.  He was ready to go to Hobby Lobby with Mom. 
See, this boy knows the greatness that is Hobby Lobby.  He was pretty excited about the new things for his room for Christmas.  He also liked looking at the model rockets and cars.

Saturday night was our favorite part of the day.  We went to our Saturday night service at church.  We sang one of my favorite songs and Carson hung out with one of his favorite people, Miss Ashley.  They love each other. 

I wore my new shirt from Heart Grown Co on Saturday.  I'm so glad that football season is back.  

The countdown was on for Sunday.  Little man was getting his first haircut.  We knew it was time but it was definitely weird saying goodbye to the lovely curls.

He decided he wanted to drive us to church on Sunday.  You need to buckle up man.

Rocking the wet mullet.
I mean, how cute is he?
He was ready for dinner post haircut.  He decided to check out the Chilis menu himself.
How is my little buddy getting so big?  He hits the 10 month mark this week.

Happy Monday everyone!