Christmas Movie Nights

We are big time Christmas movie watchers in our house.  I also love a good theme so I'm working on having three Christmas movie theme nights.  I have the dates for them in my calendar already and now I'm thinking through what to do for them.  

A Charlie Brown Christmas
I'm thinking we will make Snoopy's Doghouse.  Instead of a ginger bread house, I'm going to use graham crackers and we can make a little dog house.  

Menu: Pigs in a Blanket as a tribute to Linus' blanket, Peppermint Pattie's Popcorn, and some Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Cookies.  

The Grinch
I have a feeling we will read the book before we watch this classic cartoon.  

Menu: Roast Beast, Who Hash and Who Pudding

The Polar Express
We will play with our new Polar Express Train, read the book, and watch the movie while having some cookies and hot chocolate.  

I would love for some more suggestions.  We are all about some Christmas fun at our house.