Let's Talk: Christmas Traditions

Happy Tuesday everyone.  I'm linking up today with Andrea and Erika for their Let's Talk Link Up.  I forgot about it yesterday so today it is.  This month is all about Christmas traditions.  I actually talked yesterday about one of our new Christmas traditions. 

We have been trying to introduce new Christmas traditions each year.  We love Christmas at our house.

Christmas Decorating
We have always decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving at our house.  Well that was true until Carson.  Last year we were due Thanksgiving week so we decorated early so we could bring our little buddy home to a decorated house.  This year, we started decorating the night of Thanksgiving.  My parents were still in town and it was easier to do it that night while they entertained the buddy.

Christmas Lights
Greg and I both love to look at Christmas lights so we always do that during December.  Last year we started our Jammy Cocoa Christmas tradition.  We all wear our pj's, have some hot chocolate and go drive around to look at lights.

Christmas at The Creek
Our church is wonderful and we have so many fun things we are able to do at church during December.  Greg always plays in Pastor Chad's Christmas Concert and he plays during all of our Christmas Eve services.  Those are two of our favorite things during the Christmas season.  Plus it always snows at our church on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Movies
We watch a ton of Christmas movies during December.  We have so many of them.  We have already watched Home Alone and The Muppet Christmas Carol.  I know we have many more in our future.  Some of our favorites are here.  

North Pole Breakfast
We just started this tradition and we had so much fun with it.  You can read more about how it went here.  Our new elf Clyde joined us.

Christmas Dishes
I love my Food Network Christmas Tree dishes but we have bought plastic Christmas plates each year too and I love the new patterns each year from Pottery Barn Kids.  This year they are Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  

These are just a few of the fun traditions we have at our house.