North Pole Breakfast 2016

Saturday morning we had our first annual North Pole Breakfast.  We have been trying to begin new Christmas traditions each year and this was our new one for this year.  

We decided we would get an Elf for Carson even though he is only one and has no idea what it is but we are just going to have fun with it.  

We decided to have a glamorous breakfast of powdered donuts and mini muffins.  There was supposed to be fruit but I may have forgot that at the store.  Bad Mommy.  

Carson loved his powdered donuts and muffins.  Greg read him the Elf on the Shelf book and then he met his new Elf.  Clyde the Elf has joined the Harrison family crazy.  Clyde came in on Santa's sleigh.  Clyde brought all three of us some Christmas pajamas.  We enjoyed our breakfast on our new Rudolph plates.  

Rudolph plates can be bought here.
Greg's new pajamas are here.
My new pajamas are here.
Carson's new pajamas are here.  

Time for some more Christmas fun.