Weekend Recap

Our weekend did not go as planned but oh well.  Life happens and you adjust.  Our weekend ended up being exactly what we needed.

We had planned to go to the Living Nativity on Friday night but we were so cold.  We made chicken enchiladas and papas con chile for dinner and the little buddy was quite happy about that.  He loved his dinner.  We are working on using our fork but he was not into it.  
I finished off my Friday night by watching some of Fuller House Season 2.

Saturday morning meant pancakes and of course a dance off with Snoopy himself.

I then worked on several pans of cinnamon rolls.  We are making some for our neighbors and then several friends asked to order pans for Christmas.  
That night we went to church and stayed for the Christmas Night of Worship.

Sunday morning we woke up to a sick little boy with an upset tummy.  Our Sunday meant a lot of cuddles and a lot of clear liquids.

By about 2pm after he had slept for several hours he woke up very hungry.  We made some toast for him and he was not happy when his toast was all gone.  

We are all very happy that it was a short lived little bug and that he was feeling better by the end of the day.  We enjoyed our extra snuggles.  
We hope you had a stomach bug free weekend!  We are all excited for our Grinchmas night tonight. Happy Monday everyone!