Show and Tell Tuesday: Christmas Recipes & Traditions

It is Show and Tell Tuesday and I'm linking up with Andrea for the last one of the year!  Grab the graphic above and link up with all of us.  Today is all about our favorite Christmas recipes and traditions.

Growing up we did not have a traditional Christmas day meal.  One year we had brisket for Christmas.  Yes please.  We did always have sausage balls and hot chocolate while opening presents and normally on Christmas Eve as well.  This is my 5th Christmas being married and we have tried to keep some things the same but some things we do differently.  

Our church has several Christmas Eve services.  This year we have them at 3, 5, 7 and 11. Our Christmas Eve traditions include being with our church family and we love it.  
We have had made sausage pinwheels and hot chocolate the last few years on Christmas morning.  However this year we started making sausage cheese biscuits for breakfast some mornings and we love them.  We decided to make a breakfast casserole this year so we can have something a little more hearty before our Christmas Day services at church.  We are thinking about making this one.  It is a Sausage Quiche, not a pie crust quiche but it is delicious and a favorite for all of us.  We have a gift card to Honey Baked Ham so I'm pretty sure a ham is in our future for Christmas day as well.

I always bake my cinnamon rolls around Christmas and this year it is becoming a fun recipe for many of my friends.  I'll be delivering about 12 pans of these over the next week.

Greg always wants my Cranberry Bars around Christmas too.  They look so festive. 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy all of the great family traditions and extra calories.