Dear Carson, Meet Your Dad

Hey little man, I wanted to introduce you to your Daddy today.  

Carson, this is your Dad.  

He loves you so much already.  He talks to you everyday and is giddy with excitement when he thinks about meeting you.  He finished painting your furniture for your room this weekend.  It looks so good.  He wants to do anything he can to make sure that you are taken care of.  

I'm not sure how much you heard yesterday when your Dad was at church but I think you heard a lot.  In case you don't know, your Dad is probably the loudest person at church every week.  He plays drums for some of the services.  He is hard to miss.  He does a great job and he loves being able to use his God given talent to worship.  He hopes that you will enjoy music as much as he does.  He already talks about wanting to get you drum and piano lessons one day.

After he drums he gets to teach each week.  Yesterday, he finished teaching on 1 John to our middle school class.  He mentioned at the end how he wanted to share his testimony again to our students because many of them have not heard it.  I know he will share it with you when you are older.  I've heard it several times, but one time that stands out the most in my head is when he shared it at the Student Life Camp we went to one day.  Our group was working in a housing project and the majority of the kids there did not have a father figure in their life.  I remember being in tears as he shared.  He shared about the role of his Dad.  He shared that when his Dad was little, his Dad's Dad left them.  He shared that when his Dad grew older he had to make a choice.  He talked about the fact that his Dad chose a different path for himself.  He talked about how even though he rebelled as a teenager and did not want to pursue the things of God, that his Dad and his Mom never stopped sharing the truth with him.  Carson, I am eternally thankful for the fact that your grandparents never stopped sharing the truth with your Dad.  I know that your Dad wants to share that same truth with you.  I know this because I have seen your Dad go into your room and pray for you and weep for you.  He takes the responsibility of raising you to be a man of God extremely serious.  

We love you buddy.  We are so thankful for you even now.  We may not know what you look like, what you will be interested in, what career you will choose, but we do know that you are our son.  Thanks for making us parents little man.

I personally think you will look just like your Dad.  You will be all boy, you will be laid back like your Dad, I think you will look like your Dad.  If that's the case, you will have the same look as your Dad.  The look that is basically a smirk, but that is so charming.  I guarantee that you will keep us busy.

Love you Carson!