A New Look at Christmas Traditions

This Christmas season has looked a little different for us.  To start, our Christmas decorations went up on November 1st this year instead of the day after Thanksgiving like normal.  I'm the first one to admit that I LOVE Christmas but even that was odd for me.  Greg and I have slowly begun to start our own Christmas traditions.  This will be our 4th married Christmas and it is a new kind of Christmas season for us.  We have created some traditions so far but not many.  We both wanted to start a lot of new things when we had kids.  

Well, the kid is now here.  There is just one small problem, he is not even a month old.  Getting out and doing a lot of things with him is just not realistic.  I'm not so sure waiting in a line for a Santa picture is going to happen.  Carson and I did not make it to see Daddy play keys in the Chad Lister Christmas Concert at church and we missed Pastor David's Famous Christmas Class at church too.  

However, there are a few things that we have done.  Carson has already watched a few Christmas specials on TV.  He watched Matt, Savannah and Al ring in the Holiday Season with the lighting of the Rockefeller Tree.  He has watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, he has plenty of Christmas pajamas and has rocked a few naps in his Boppy lounger looking at the Christmas tree.  

We do plan to start something new as a family this weekend that he most definitely will not remember but we do plan to do each year.  One of my favorite blogs is Mix and Match Mama and each year her family does their Jammy Cocoa Christmas.  Her Dad started this with them when she was young and I love this.  So, one night this weekend we will all dress up in our Christmas pajamas, go get a Christmas treat, listen to Christmas music and drive through neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights.  I am so excited.  

You better believe in a few years we will be doing this Christmas craft too.  Our very own Elf Yourself craft.  This had me cracking up all day.  So fun and so easy.  

I hope this Christmas season you can find simple ways to start new traditions with your family and friends.  Now to figure out how to make it feel like Christmas around here.  I've over these 70 degree days.