Carson, The One Month Old

Happy 1 Month Buddy!  You are my favorite little one month old.  You are so cute.  

You are growing each and every day.  When Mommy weighed you the other day you were almost to 7 and a half pounds.  Good work mister.  

You love to cuddle more than anything.  You are a pretty good sleeper for a one month old.  You eat well and you like to eat every four hours.  

I'm pretty sure that so far you are a Daddy's boy.  You love to hang out with you Dad and he loves to hang out with you.  He is a great Daddy to you.  

We both laugh and how mesmerized you are by the ceiling fans in our house.  You will stare at them forever.  You like the color contrast.  

Your Dad is already working on your music skills.  Each Saturday you and Daddy have some music time on the keyboard.  Your long little fingers will come in handy.  We are certain that you will love music.  

We love you so much buddy and are excited to see how much you grow in the coming months!