Harrison Jammy Cocoa Christmas 2015

The Harrison Jammy Cocoa Christmas was a success. We had a great time getting out and having some holiday fun.  

Carson slept the whole time because that is the magic of an infant car seat but we know he had fun.  We all were in our festive Christmas pajamas.  Greg wore his Elf pajamas, I had on Snoopy pajamas and Carson had his Santa outfit on.  Apparently the outfit Carson had on is a girl outfit, but we did not know that.  Oops.  

We had planned to get our cocoa from Starbucks but because Greg and I had not had dinner we decided to get a burger and Coke instead of cocoa.  Sometimes a nice juicy cheeseburger sounds better on a Friday night than a cup of hot chocolate does.  I'm just being honest.  

We drove through a couple of neighborhoods and realized that traditional Christmas lights are a thing of the past.  Over half of the houses we went to had the new Star Shower displays instead of regular lights.  

Greg and I are not sure how we feel about the Star Shower idea.  It is nice and easy but it is not quite the same.  

Daddy and Carson are all ready to go see some lights.

It is not an easy task to get everyone to look.  This was the best we could get.

Look how cute I am in my car seat.  

We must have had a good time, because the little guy is wore out.  

Wish us luck for Jammy Cocoa Christmas next year.  I'm sure we will have a much more mobile little guy in the back seat.