Life Lately

How does this little guy change so much?  He looks like a little boy more and more every day.  We are enjoying our time hanging out.  Just a few more weeks of maternity leave. 

We are on the verge of having another drummer in our house.   Oh dear.  He does have a great grip  on his Dad's drumsticks.  

We are all ready to cheer on our Razorbacks!  #wps

I think we have a future of these looks.  You can't say this kid is lacking in personality.  

This is Carson's face when he saw the final score of the Jets game.  

He quickly got it together so he could cheer up his Dad.  He and his Dad are optimistic about next year.  

Apparently the first snow flurries of the year are not too impressive.  

Carson does have a pretty normal size head, but apparently these Aviator's are a tad too big.

Look at that sweet little face.  

Time to count with Dad.  Carson loves time with his Dad.