Show and Tell Tuesday

Show and Tell Tuesday is back for 2016 and I'm pretty excited.  Below are the new prompts for 2016 that Andrea created.  Join in on the fun and link up with Andrea of Momfessionals.

My name is Emily and I live in North Carolina with my husband Greg and our son Carson.  I grew up in Northwest Arkansas and love cheering for my Razorbacks.  I graduated in 2010 from Oklahoma Baptist University and moved out to North Carolina shortly after that.  I met Greg sometime in the fall of 2010, don't ask me when because I don't know and neither does he.  We started dating in March of 2011, got engaged in October of 2011, and were married just a few days before our one year dating anniversary.  We had Carson in November of 2015 and are still adjusting to life with a little one.  

For this year, I kept my goals simple.  I wrote a little about my goals for the year yesterday.