A Simple Thank You

A little over a year ago I watched as tears filled your eyes.  The joy filled your face within seconds and I could tell in that moment that something was different.  In that moment you realized that you had a new name.  It was one of those moments that I know I will remember.  Our bodies were exhausted but at the same time they were rested and ready to tackle whatever came next.  

Over the next several months I watched you.  I watched you have moments of fear, moments of questioning how this would work and moments of true excitement.  You watched me as I threw up, as my body changed and as I tried to figure out what all was happening.  There was not much you could do, at least that is what you told yourself.  Boy were you wrong.  You did more than you probably know.  You were there.  You held my hand, you read more articles than I care to know, you told me about more articles than I wanted to hear, but you were there.  

On November 20th you took me to get Mexican food.  You watched me experience sharp pains and you sat there knowing there was nothing you could do.  You drove me to a hospital where we walked up and down the halls for over an hour to see if anything would change.  You then drove me home because nothing happened.

November 21st came and I was determined to make something happen.  You obliged.  You took me to every store possible and let me walk and walk and walk.  You walked with me and encouraged me.  You took me for lunch at Zaxby's and little did I know that I wouldn't eat again until the next day or I may have ordered more Texas Toast.  You went to church and I know your legs were worn out but you had rehearsal and then you played drums for service.  It was then that you walked out to my car that had towels and trash bag sitting on the seat and you sprung into action as you heard the words, "I think my water broke."

You were a trooper, you didn't drive as fast as I thought you would and I am thankful for that.  Over the next couple of hours you were there.  You told me to take the drugs a few times.  You watched and just sat there as we slowly progressed.  

It was time.  It was time for you to hold my hand and help me as we welcomed a new little person into the world.  Once again the tears filled your eyes because in that moment you met your new little buddy.  

So thank you Greg.  Thank you for being there every step of the way.  Thank you for everything that you did that you thought didn't matter.  It did and it still does.  Thank you for being the Daddy that God has called you to be.  Thank you for being the Husband that God has called you to be.

We love you!