Life Lately

Life lately has been a mess.  Yes, a real life mess.  I'm talking stuff all over my house.  It is spring cleaning time people and spring cleaning at my house means it has to get messy (extremely messy) before it can get clean.  There has been lots of piles made, lots of pictures snapped for Buy Sale Trade posts and too many times of saying just throw it all away.  

However, there is also a little boy that just about makes my heart leap.  He is so funny and his personality is the best.

He is getting into his little cars.  Just like his Dad and Uncle Josh. 
  We are working on holding our own bottle. 
Kaleidoscope Carson 
Everyone, meet Porkchop.  Well, that is the name that we have for our neighbors pig.  Not sure if he has a name or not.  

Umm, yes Dad.  I would like a cookie.  Thank you for asking.  

Happy Thursday everyone and if you need me, I'll be buried under a pile of stuff somewhere.