Life Lately

Life at the Harrisons has been starting to calm down lately.  Hallelujah!  

Other than allergies for Greg, sniffles for Carson and myself not feeling well on Monday we have all been staying busy with our normal schedules.  Greg is busy at work and will continue to get busier each day as warmer temperatures arrive, my schedule at work is getting busy as the semester hits peak time, and Carson is rocking it at daycare.  He knows that his teachers love him and he works it.  

Apparently he has mastered the ball pit in his room.  He likes to sit in it and kick.  He is something else.  He is also quite alert.  He does not like to miss anything.  He takes after his Momma.

We keep hoping that the cold weather is gone.  I am ready to rework our flower beds and get some spring flowers out.  I have put out my hummingbird feeders and I bought a new bird feeder to hang out as well.  Come on birds.  Come join the crazy neighborhood with the pig, chickens, rooster, and guineas.  It is quite the happening area.

I have slowly been cleaning out some of our closets and rooms as I get ready for our neighborhood yard sale in a few weeks.  If you have anything you are looking to get rid of let me know and I can add it to the collection.

Carson just got some new OBU swag.  He is excited about the possibility of being a Bison. 

He also is a big fan of sleep lately.  It may be time to adjust his bedtime at night.  He is out within minutes every night and is still sound asleep when it is time to wake him each morning for daycare.  Again, he is like his Momma. 

 Carson is ready for the weekend.  He says he will see everyone tomorrow for Friday Favorites.