August Goals

I've been pretty quiet this week on the blog.  I was home with a sick little one on Monday and I've felt pretty crummy myself this week.  I enjoyed a few days of extra rest and basically just doing the minimum to get through the day.  However, I'm feeling much better and ready to finish the week strong.  

I've been slacking these last few months on setting monthly goals for myself.  I am realistic in that I set goals for myself and that a lot of them don't happen.  Life gets in the way and things have to be adjusted.  This post seems fitting after realizing that my blog goals for this week didn't happen due to summer colds, but on we go.  

I am going to keep this month simple and have four goals.  Here we go.  

ONE: Family Paperwork Update
We have our life insurance all done, but we have several other items that we would like to make sure we have as updated as possible.  I would love to have this all done in August.  

TWO: Evening Pickup Routine
We try our best to keep our house neat and tidy, but with an almost 2 year old that is no easy task.  We have always been good about having our kitchen picked up before bed but there are nights that having the kitchen picked up is all that gets done.  I'm setting a goal of spending 20 minutes a night on a timer to pick up whatever I can.  We've been doing that some this week and I can tell a huge difference.  We all have 20 minutes a night to do something.  

THREE: Guest Room Organization
Our guest room has become the junk drawer of our house.  It is about to work my nerves.  I need to go through it and just make it functional again.  

FOUR: Bathroom Purge
We all have so much extra stuff in our bathrooms.  I have so many Ulta samples and extra shampoos and such.  I want to go through and get rid of any expired items and have it be filled with items we actually use.  

Have a great day everyone!   Hopefully I can report back in September with some progress.