Friday Favorites

I'm so glad that Friday is here.  It's been a week and I'm ready to relax with my favorite guys.  

I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci today for Friday Favorites and my favorites are 95% Carson, but oh well.  He's always a favorite.  

No, this is not Carson.  This is my Mom.  Isn't she cute?  One of her cousins found this picture of her where she won Grand Champion with her cow.  She told me this cow was named Legs because she was the perfect cow to show.  My Mom has a thing for dairy cows.  That is what happens when you grow up on a dairy farm.  My Mom is a favorite though.

Speaking of cows, a good farmer has a good pair of boots.  My Mom loves her cowboy boots and so does my brother.  My brother got Carson some cowboy boots and we thought Sunday was a good photo op with them.  Not to mention his Blame It All on My Roots shirt from Target.  It's no longer available though.  Sorry friends.

We finished our swim lessons this past weekend and are proud of our littly fishy.  He did pretty well, there were plenty of tears.  He is not afraid of the water though, so it is a win in my book.


This kid is a goofball!  He is so funny and I love that his personality is changing all the time.  He is our favorite little guy!

Our love of chips and salsa runs deep in our house and Carson is no exception.  Praise the Lord!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  See you Monday.