Weekend Recap: Lazy Edition

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you had a great weekend.  We had a relaxing weekend and it was wonderful.

Friday night we made burgers at home and then headed to Sam's for a few things.  Carson even got to talk to his friend Sadie Kate at Sam's.  We were all super sad that we couldn't find any more of the mini chicken tacos at Sam's.  Oh well.  We did find some jeans for Daddy.

After we got home, we put the buddy to bed and I watched some Braves baseball live on Facebook.  I also decided to take part in National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day because why the heck not.
We were all super excited to not have any alarms on Saturday morning.  We are done with swim lessons and wanted to relax on Saturday morning.  Oh happy day.  
Biscuits and gravy for the win on a Saturday morning.  Greg wasn't playing drums at church this weekend so we decided to just enjoy a day at home on Saturday.  We didn't leave our house at all.  It was wonderful.  Greg spent the morning mowing while Carson and I did some cleaning.  

We also tried on our new Razorback shirt that Grandpa and Mimi sent Carson.  We are ready for football.
We took a break from playing to drink our smoothies too.  It's no secret that I can't stand bananas.  My smoothies are frozen strawberries, plain greek yogurt and orange juice.  Yummy!
We grilled steaks for dinner on Saturday and we loved every bite of them.  After we put the buddy to bed we did some picture hanging around the house.  
Sunday morning was church like normal.  We had some great questions asked by our Middle School students.  They ask tough questions and I'm so thankful we get to work with them.

We had lunch at Panera where someone loved his mac and cheese with a side of blueberry yogurt.  I did some major spring cleaning in August while the buddy napped and when he woke up we watched Rogue One.  We have some Star Wars fans in our house.

We had a great weekend at home and are ready for the week.  We work this whole week and then have a mini vacation next week!  Hooray!