Fear is crippling.  For most of us, it cripples us without us really even knowing what is happening.  I remember growing up being terrified of someone breaking in.  Every sound, every movement would leave me curled up in my bed afraid to move.  The fear was so real.  That fear is still so real.  There are still nights where I will hear a sound at 2am and jump up mid sleep afraid that something is happening.

For me, fear is something that I daily battle.  I have to intentionally stop and say out loud, "Satan you will not win.  I know who made me and who I belong to and you are not Him."

About a week ago, I came across this book on fear and I have been unable to put it down.  I just finished reading some more of it on this rainy Sunday morning.  With tears in my eyes, I can write that I'm not alone in this.  So many women around the world live in fear.  Fear has been around from the beginning, it just looks different for each of us.

I highly recommend this book.  I love that Angie takes her own personal stories and weaves them in with stories from Scripture to remind us that we are not alone.  Christ is there and He simply wants us to walk with Him.  He knows what He is doing and so often we tell Him, "I know what you said, but..."  Our way is not better, our way leads to destruction and to pain.  Trust in Him today and know that He understands.  

Here are a few quotes for you and let's face it, me, to remember these beautiful truths.

"When we depend on others to be our God, we strike out on a couple different levels.  We burden them with blame for their lack of ability and we forfeit what God could have done if we would have honored Him the way we should have."

"Are you so focused on what you think is missing that you don't see what is present?"

"We have a very real enemy who thrives on our silence.  He doesn't want us to be in fellowship, sharing our hearts and seeking wisdom on how to live lives that glorify God in spite of the darkness we feel."

If you want to learn more about Angie or her books, check out www.angiesmithonline.com