New Year, New Possibilities

I’ve thought for the last several weeks what I wanted to accomplish in 2015.  Every year, I set way too many goals that simply put are just too much.  This year, I want to be more realistic in my goals but still understand that goals are not necessarily easy but they should be attainable with work.
Here’s what I come up with.
1.     Follow Jesus well
This one is probably the most obvious but also the most difficult.  I want to be very intentional in my time with the Lord this year and to be focused on how that should change everything else that I do.  
For starters, I’ve changed the way I do my daily quiet time.  I am working on reading through the Bible in a year.  I do that in the mornings.  I’ve been using the She Reads Truth plan for the Bible in a Year.  You can follow their plan here.  In the evening as I’m winding down, I take time to study a particular passage more in depth. 
2.     Read more
I really enjoy reading.  It’s so relaxing.  It allows me to think more and learn to try new things.  
I want to read at least two books a month.  You can check out my last post to see what 
I’m reading now.  I also want to try and read more blogs.  
I find that certain blogs inspire me to try new things.  
That could be recipes, exercise techniques, books to read, etc. 
3.     Get up Early
Let’s be honest.  I am not a morning person and truthfully I’m not a night person either.  
I am 110% a day person.  Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Shay Shull’s blog and she had an older post about being a morning person.  I was so intrigued by what she had to say that I’m trying to teach myself to become a morning person.  I’m not sure that it is something that can be taught but I do believe it is a habit that you can train your body to do.  So, that’s what I’m doing.  

My alarm goes off at 5:30 every morning and yes on Saturday’s too.  I think consistency is key in this.  My goal is to be at 5:00am soon, but for now 5:30 is a big change for me.  I decided to try the silent alarms on the Fitbit.  The benefit is that I don’t have this loud beeping noise that scares the living daylight of me at 5:30am, but I just feel a few vibrations on my wrist.  For me, it is a much
calmer way to wake me up and it seems to be working.  
4.     Intentional Family Time
Greg and I have decided to set aside time during the week to do something fun for us.  We plan to continue this when we have kids.  This will probably look different every week for us, but that is okay.  We just want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to spend quality time together.  The first week we simply ordered a pizza and played board games.  We had a blast.  It was such a great way to relax after a long week and just catch up.  Let us know if you and your family have any fun traditions that you do to just have great family time.  We are open to suggestions.